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3 Homemade Business Ideas from Your Own Couch 2024


Homemade business is completely possible and completely realistic. If you are one of those doubting personalities this article perhaps might not be within your daily read.

In this article, I want to talk about the homemade business ideas and, how this can be scaled up and turned around into  full time income, while you are sitting on the couch with your favorite snack in hands and munching.

Before all, I want to highlight that extreme amount of dedication is required to start working from home. In order to achieve this 100 percent dedication, my secret formula to success is to believe and only believe in yourself. What if it does not work, might be your next question?

Well, if it does not work, you will simply learn from your own mistakes and move on to the next idea and challenge. Failures will happen that is guaranteed. However, if you are skipping the idea to believe in yourself, the next thing, I guarantee is your homemade business idea is doomed.

1.  Virtual Homemade Business Assistant


If you can make a homemade cake, you can be a homemade business assistant at home. This job is very suitable for someone, who does not want to move around a lot.

To kick start this job, you will need to impress your clients on the application process. If you do not have any direct experience in virtual assisting, I recommend doing your own research, that’s how you are triggering your own interest. Try to observe if you are keen to do it or not. After, your research is completed and you already know, what your responsibilities and tasks would be. The next step for homemade business assistant would be to start searching for jobs and directly apply.

You will be able to find jobs on freelancing websites. When it comes to selecting the best and most reliable website, I avoid to give my word for this as they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are new to this, I recommend reading the guides provided on the freelancing websites, to avoid scams and wasting your time. I am telling you this based on my own experience.

Your duties might be very limited at first, while you are learning and gaining reputation on the freelancing network. This also applies for the payments; my advice is to start low. Unless, you have tremendous amount of experience and most importantly you are able to provide supporting evidence. If you do, then you can set your hourly rate as very high.

Your duties will be related to booking appointments, arranging meetings and phone calls, emails, social media accounts, calendars and mostly problems solver, but not limited only to these type of tasks.

2.  Social Media Influencer

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Homemade business influences have never been easier with the so-called “social media buzz”. These are low hanging fruit and if you are dedicated enough you can reach them and enjoy the sweet freedom they can offer you. I forgot to ask, what is your favorite snack to munch, while working from home?

Anyway back to the serious topic. Creating engaging and interesting content is the key to this type of homemade business. You do not have to break your head in the “wall” wondering what is “hot” now. There are online marketing tools specifically designed to discover “hot” topics either on the internet or the social media itself. Once you already have an idea what is creating a “buzz”. Your next step would be to react fast and re-post this with original “introduction” added by you with the right arsenal of hashtags.

You might, find yourself hunting for content for long hours. However, the key is to be first, who’s going to re-post the content. If it happens that your followers have already seen it, you might not get likes or re-posting on your side benefiting you . Hold on, so where the money is coming from?

Your pay-check will come once you have built experience and knowledge how to manage such accounts. Nobody, will give you a job if you do not know, what is required to manage social media account.

Once you have achieved the experience, you can see how companies will approach you to create content engaging their brands.

3.  Freelance Writer


If writing is something you enjoy, this homemade business might be a good kick start for your online career and freedom. There are millions of websites and blogs looking for experienced and talented writers.

In my own experience the key to successful engaging content is when you bring some value to the reader. Engage the reader by giving them a solution to the problem. However, every content should be backed with some reference sources to provide weight upon your words. I thought referencing at University was a waste of time, when I was a student, right now my opinion has changed.

Pick up a niche that excites you and gives you those goose bumps, when you start talking about some particular topic. Everyone, has a passion. For some people that might be health and well-being. For others this might be technology or simple DIY projects. The opportunities are literally endless and your ability to develop in this niche is completely limitless.

Remember that you are your own boss and you can do, whatever you like. This business can be implemented in any language and any country and there is no limit.

To create engaging content you need strategy. However, if you are interested to learn more about this, I ca create specific content, how to go and approach the situation. Please, let me know in the comments bellow, social media channels or e-mail.

Remember that the key to all of these homemade business ideas is to believe in yourself that you can do it and then act upon your dreams and work very hard to achieve them. There is no shortcuts to success or any getting rich fast schemes.