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Top 10 Best Fonts for Summer 2024

Today typography is a persuasive aspect of web and graphic design. Good use of fonts gives excellent design though choosing a perfect font for your design is an important task for every designer. Probably many do not take typography seriously  when it comes to visual expression on the Internet, or web page, but nice font is absolutely one of the crucial factors in the present time.

It is proved that a certain font sends a certain message, although those who do not care about such “details” has always seemed that it was all really quite irrelevant. But it is not, definitely not, indeed, typography has become indispensable and equal in web design.

After all, if the largest IT companies, such as Google, Yahoo and others have a need to take account of typography and choice of font, size and shape that will represent their brand, then things are quite clear. Perhaps maybe in this segment sometimes some people exaggerates, but if a bunch of trained experts evaluates and says that to the typography should be approached studiously then it must be so. How did the typography formed in the context of the Internet, what it means, which fonts are “legendary” and wthat the whole story means, check this interesting video, which we highly recommend:

Also, below are the top 10 best fonts for summer 2024:

Diadema Font

This package contains a pixel perfect, rounded, modern sans-serif TTF (TRUE TYPE FONT) called DIADEMA. It was designed to suit every design purpose (LOGO DESIGN, FLYERS, TITLING, DECORATIONS, and many more). See screenshots for examples. Within the package you’ll find a TTF file and a PDF file containing the Chars Map. Download here.


Airport Arrival

AIRPORT ARRIVAL TRUE TYPE FONT: Exclusive & Unique Font; .ttf file included; Easy to install; Vector created; All characters, numbers, letters and symbols. Download here.


Quincy CF

Quincy CF is a serif family, complete with italics. Quincy’s warm, flowing letterforms, tall x-height and medium contrast create a pleasant reading experience for longer passages. Quincy also doubles as a stately display font, particularly in its stunning italic set. Download here.


Vicasso Font

Vicasso is an elegant modern font, that comes with unique characteristics and high quality details. Overview: Unique style; High quality details; True type font (TTF). Suits most design needs. Download here.


AS Grammatika

Font AS Grammatika is based on two typefaces. First is Helvetica, second DIN . I love both of this fonts and decided to make something, which would include both of them. Straight O, and perfect S. It is a sturdy, low contrast, geometric, highly legible sans serif typeface very well suited for any display and text use. Among other uses, Grammatika is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book, Web and Corporate use. The type family consists of 5 weights (UltraLight, Light, Regular, Medium and Bold) in Open Type format. Download here.


Moonface Script

Moonface Script from TypeFaith Fonts is a flowing script with lovely swashes. It is based on the 20th Century Packaging typo. Moonface Script is a characteristic font with a retro feel. It contains a full set of ligatures, alternatives, swashes and special characters to end. You have to use the Opentype features and Glyph pallet of your application to explore the complete font. Download here.


Qontreau; Modern & Elegant Typeface

Modern and elegant, but also suited to retro or ‘art nouveau’ or even avant garde themes, this font has been designed to work in various combinations from conservative to funky. There are two .ttf files; the main file contains the CAPS characters in REGULAR and THIN. The ‘Extras’ file contains a variety of alternative glyphs which can be used as alternatives within the CAPS to give a quirky and unusual style. Play around according to the words you need to display. Download here.


HulaHoop TrueType Font

HulaHoop is a fun and nice font which can be used for Logo,Brand,etc. Included 217 glyphs, ttf format. Download here.


Gracey Font

Gracey is highly legible sans serif font,Applies to the logo, slogan, or product names. Recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book, Web and Corporate use. The type family consists of 3 weights (100 = Thin, 300 = Light, 500 = Medium) in True Type format. Download here.


Expedia Black

Expedia Black is a modern to futuristic sans-serif font intended for a wide range of uses (logotypes, webdesign, collaterals). It includes 259 glyphs in OTF format. Download here.