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The 10 Best Countries to Live in Around the World Doing Laptop Lifestyle 2024

This article will cover 10 best countries to live in around the world. For each one of these countries, we will pick a city based on few factors.

  • Internet Speed
  • Safety
  • Costs
  • Lifestyle

We are going to talk about in more details about these few points and explore some of the advantages and disadvantages. Following the topic, these selections are based on the laptop lifestyle in 2024.

10. The United States, Miami, FL


$ 2,956.80 is the average salary after tax in the US, Miami. The internet speed in the US is mostly great 15 MBPS in Miami on Avg

The internet speed in Miami is very good and comparing to the other states it ranks very fast on the Nomad list. If you are a blogger, vlogger, drop-shipper or just a freelancer this is one very good place to be. The Spanish is well spoken along with the English and I am pretty sure that these are not the only languages. You might find yourself speaking any other language. The safety in the US is considered very safe.

The costs of living on the other side are not that well and along with the rent these two factors might drain your bank account.

However, the US is home to many entrepreneurs and this is excellent opportunity to develop more skills. It might help you extend your contact list and improve current business relationships.

9. Canada, Montreal


$ 2,150.91 is the average salary in Canada. The internet speed is 9 MBPS. As you might know English and French are well spoken. However, the diversity of people is so big that language is not an issue. The country also ranks high in the Human Development Report (HDR). The education ranks very high. More than half of the Canadians have  graduate college.

The biggest problem for the laptop lifestyle would be the cost of living. The cost of living is not great at all and this is not in any help for all the laptop lifestyle people. It is great to say that in Canada, you can expand your contact list. Rent is also not one of the strongest sides. However, finding freelancing projects and working independently comes much easier comparing to the other countries in our list.

8. Iceland, Reykjavik

Iceland, Reykjavik

$ 3,160 is the average salary in Iceland after tax. For more taxation and advises please visit rsk.is.  The country is also considered as a tax heaven. The safety in Iceland is very good. The people in Iceland have high life expectancy. The average age is 82 years. So if you do decide to choose one of the 10 best countries to live in around the world, choose Iceland. By doing so, you would automatically live peaceful life.

The internet speed in Iceland is not one of the best only 7 MBPS. However, there other factors compensating the internet speed for the laptop lifestyle. Some of those pluses are the recreational opportunities in Iceland. Certainly considering the environment and preserved nature. You can find very different world to explore and enjoy, while working remotely.

The rent in Iceland is 49.12% higher than the one in the United Kingdom

 7.  Ireland, Dublin


$ 3,402 is the average salary in The Republic of Ireland. We have selected Dublin not because it is the capital but, simply because, what the city has to offer. The internet speed in Ireland is staggering 32 MBPS. This makes it very attractive city for the laptop lifestyle and excellent candidate for the one of the 10 best countries to live in around the world.

Bringing the high income and the low tax in Ireland. The country is excellent choice to use as a base. Ireland is considered one of the tax heaven countries in the world. The good news is that more than 50 most tech companies have their headquarters in Ireland, Dublin. This sounds too good to be true? Yes, you are right. The rent and the expenses are pretty high following the review of the nomads and scoring very low.

6. The Netherlands, The Hague (My Favorite)

Government Buildings, Koningskade, The Hague, The Netherlands

$ 2,919 is the average salary in The Netherlands, The Hague. According to the nomads the salary varies across The Netherlands. This is absolutely normal as some parts of the country has stronger economy development. Please do not get embarrassed saying “Holland”.

Holland is a province in The Netherlands. It is important fact to remember.

The Netherlands has always fascinated me since my childhood. I used to live in the Netherlands, The Hague. I can tell myself, based on my own experience that this little country and has so much to offer. The Public library used to my office and everyone is welcomed. You do not need a permit to enter the building, unless you want to borrow books etc.

I can recommend, the food markets in The Hague. This place is amazing and you can walk away with all of your favorite groceries for less than $11. English is widely spoken language. However, the Dutch language is required for most of the companies in The Netherlands. The weather sucks and it is not like in the Miami. Instead you get lots of dark and grey days with rain. Rent and the expenses overall are completely bearable for the standards in the Netherlands. The internet speed is very good and based on the nomad score it comes up to 19 MBPS. The Netherlands is considered safe country and I personally never had any problems. The Netherlands comes in the middle of this list and makes it very good choice for 10 best countries to live in around the world. I would personally love to go back there.

5.Switzerland, Bern


$ 3,914 is the average salary in Switzerland. Switzerland comes up 3rd place as one of the best countries to live in around the world if employed. This country not only offers the world’s most secure banking system that protects the identity of the real account holder.

Switzerland is also known as a tax heaven and safest place to live in the world. The country has never taken a participation not even in one war and only this alone makes it safe. The internet speed is perfect for the laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs. The internet speed in Bern reaches 54 MBPS according to the nomad list. The country is located in the middle of Europe and is one short flight away to many other European countries.

Perhaps, the only disadvantage is the expenses related to live in the Switzerland. However, the rest of the countries are not less expensive than Switzerland. I do believe that the country deserves this place.

4.Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City


$ 761 is the average salary in Vietnam. If you have noticed how rapidly the average salary has dropped, you noticed right. This is not an illusion and I have chosen Vietnam simply because of few very important factors. The factors are very suitable for the laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs.

One of the biggest advantages for this beautiful Asian country is the rapidly developing economy of Vietnam. The Vietnamese economy hides plenty of hidden opportunities for the brave and bold entrepreneurs.

The laptop lifestyle can turn into a dream if you choose this country as a base. The internet speeds reaching approx. 10 MBPS.  This is not one of the best internet speeds, however the amount of work you can do comparing it to mainland Europe is extraordinary huge.

The costs of living are very low and according to the lonelyplanet you can travel and live for less than $40 a day including your hotel.

When it comes to safety, like in every other single country. The country is safe and staying outside of trouble is recommended.

The lifestyle is amazing. This includes amazing food and intoxicating experience. You are going to quickly be captured by what Vietnam has to offer. We do believe the quality of life and the recreational opportunities in the country makes it one of the best country to live in around the world.

3.Thailand, Chiang Mai


$ 884 is the average salary in Vietnam, Chiang Mai. Thailand has a lot to offer for the laptop lifestyle. Starting from the inexpensive condos you can rent and use as an office base.

The food is amazing and the best part from it is the street food. Overfilled with some of the best cuisine, Thailand is a great place to be as an entrepreneur.

Safety in Thailand is on a good level and there is not anything that should worries you. Thailand also offers excellent recreational actives covering the vast cultural experiences to endless beach parties etc.

The internet speed in Vietnam is 20 MBPS. This country full of natural beauties has a lot to offer considering all the factors above. Perhaps, you might meet other entrepreneurs based in Thailand for the same reasons.

2. Indonesia, Ubud Bali


$ 1,090 is the average salary in Bali according to the nomad list. However, the average salary might fluctuate.

Indonesia is beautiful and peaceful country. It is my next top location in the list and I do believe that my experience there will be amazing.

If you like spicy food or rare komodo dragons guarding the komodo islands. This country definitely has a lot to offer starting from 700 living languages. The huge archipelago is the only unique place of its kind.

The internet speed according to the speedtest.net is reaching up to 25Mbps download speeds. Indonesia is actually connected directly to the backbone of the internet. Safety is considered to be good, and staying out of trouble and on the path is recommended.

Expenses in Indonesia are minimum and you can live good for $500-$600 a month depending on how much you actually spend.

The lifestyle could get very wild and the endless parties are live all the time. Bali is huge tourist popular destination. Most tourist prefer to visit the country due to the value for their money. I do recommend this country and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page.

1. South Korea, Daegu


$ 1,243 is the average salary in South Korea, Daegu. This is place is the country if you want to be on the top of the world when it comes to technology and internet possibilities.

South Korea’s development over the years has gained the country a lot of honorable mentions. This country offers even high speed internet connection in the subway. Which other country can say that for themselves?

I do believe South Korea deserves to be on the first place in this list for one of the best countries to live in around the world for the laptop lifestyle in 2017.

This place is extremely safe and welcoming. Many big tech companies rely on the Technology and innovation that South Korea has to offer. Home to one of the best brands in the world Samsung inc.

The expenses in South Korea are very reasonable and affordable. The diverse Asian lifestyle has a lot to offer and the entertainment and recreation is unforgettable experience.