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Most Popular Keynote Resume Templates 2024


The most creative reume you’ve ever seen, can be yours too. Simply create your digital presentation. Who remembers resume in the form of short stories or essays? And how many of you use today Europass? In the not too distant future,  “analog” reumes will not be in use anymore, and digital reumes will take over.

Original and creative resumes are suitable for people looking for jobs in which creativity is an integral part of the job. However, this does not mean that all others must be judged on a white background and black letters. While you’re buffing up your resume you can go to DissertationTeam to get help with finishing up school. A resume is a basic document that you send in the search for a new job. It is important to be clear, grammatically correct … and interesting.

CV in the form of presentations:

These resumes clearly show how you’re different and creative, highlight your experience and accomplishments, and personality at the same time. It’s something new and inovative. You will definitely stand out, and impress the employer.  But, think carefully about what kind of impression you want to leave. Never attempt to visually conceal the lack of work experience.

Below you can see most popular keynote resume templates that we picked for you:

Personal Resume & Corporate Presentation

Great personal resume presentation. You can choose between dark and light style. Be different and stand out! Download here.

BiG Presentation including Resume/CV & Reference

This Presentation is the perfect way to introducing yourself for your next job! Try it! 8 DIFFERENT background colors; Easy to change TEXT , ICONS, COLORS & your Photos; 2 different RESOLUTIONS including RETINA Screens; All graphics are editable and easy to change & including Keynote Theme; All pages are animated! Start with your presentation for your next job interview!  Download here.


Personal CV Keynote

Personal CV – Create your CV as a presentation! Best way to present yourself and your works! Download it here.