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Excel Tricks That’ll Impress Your Boss


Whilst it’s likely that many of us may know the basics around using Excel, there are some tips and tricks out there that may have passed us by.

Microsoft Excel is a common piece of software for many businesses these days, so knowing your way around is always going to help you get things done and be an effective member of your team. It’s always going to be a bonus if you’re able to possess skills and abilities that not everybody else in the office has, and the opportunity to hone in on extending your skills and abilities should never be passed by lightly.

The latest infographic from our buddies over at MicrosoftTraining.net takes a look at seven tricks to Excel that many of us may not know about and that can in effect help us to impress our colleagues and boss.

Whilst many of us may know how to make tables, many of us may not know how to go that extra bit further with the likes of tools like Pivot tables which can automatically sort, count or provide an average for the data provided in the spreadsheet. Using pivot tables can be super handy when reporting or analyzing your data and are relatively easy to achieve.

Take a look at the infographic if you want to craft up on your Excel knowledge.