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After Effect Infographic Template – Statistician


Statistician is the latest addition to the huge line of premium AE infographic template in the market. What makes this after effect infographic template better than others is its large bundle of graphical elements which provides its user 280% and more ROI from a $58 template.

This premium plugin is suitable for businessman, statisticians and financial lawyers who are in need of top quality premium after effect theme to impress their clients. By using Statistician’s massive graphical kit and easy to use editing options, it will be a piece of cake.

Pre-bundled Graphical content

Although it is somewhat manageable to build an After Effect template to present visual information related to a statistic report, but getting the best graphical elements on the screen is difficult. You need to have the perfect color combination and mood for graphs and charts that would help you to provide the best visual experience to your audience.

To help you out, this Infographic video template package comes with 12 editable components that will help you to design your custom graph, chart and scatter plot with ease. To extend the stability, Statistician premium after effect template also has advanced components like Radar, Pyramid and Pictograms which you would have cost you a lot while buying stocks.

In general all these components are designed for minimalist lovers, meaning that you will usually get this components designed and packed with a single set of colors. But if you are someone who loves to bring color and excitement on presentations then you can also use custom background image according to your choice. To see a demo about how this feature can take your presentation to a whole new level, watch this demo.

Diverse parameters

After choosing the best chart, graph or pictogram that perfectly represents your data- you need to set the right parameter to make them meaningful. General way to get that done was to use the text editing options from after effect. But Statistician made this work easier than ever. With some simple tweaking, you will be able to set the right amount of parameter on your x-axis and on your y axis. And obviously you can easily edit the numbers and options on both axis as much as you like.

To perfectly align with the specified parameters, you will be able to expand and edit the graph design within just a few mouse clicks. To start with if you want to expand the number of vertical bars of a simple chart, all you have to do is to squeeze the current graph to the left and click on the design to make some more similar verticals. And to colorize a certain portion of the graph all you need to do is to select that particular position and it will be highlighted immediately.

If you are habituated to use too many graphs in a single slide then you can also use 28 Drag and Drop based Custom graph grids as well. From vertical to horizontal ones, Statistician has them all. By using this grid you can also create some amazing charts that is not possible to build even with MS excel.

If you calculate the graphical option of the Premium after effect template, you will find that the monetary value of only the graphical contents are more than $350, based on current charge of Graphic designers. But you are getting all this features and more within a single AE template for $58 only.

Unbound editing

Statistician infographic video template AE template has taken animated presentation into a whole new level. With this template you will be able to make a complete presentation slide full of graphs, bullet points, text details and more. And the best part about this template is that you are only bound by your level of imagination. From simple color editing to giving a chart a whole new perspective, Statistician gives you the power to become an Animated presentation PRO.

To help you create the most amazing presentation slide this template also provides you a complete set 111 editable Icons. All the icons are vectorised so you can make these icons as tiny or as large as you want without disruption the pixels. You can also use these icons to create animated infographics as well. All you need to do is to drag and drop the icons on your desired place and you it is possible because the template has an easy swap feature activated into it.

Solution for the runners

In today’s business world, no one likes to read a 1200 pages of report to find out if your company is good enough for the project or not. That’s why you need to have an amazing after effect premium template always on your side that will help you present your USP to your potential client/ customers.

This infographic video template also comes with 14 pre-designed slides to help out those who are always in a tight schedule. With all the other benefits that I have mentioned already, you will be able to create a stunning animated presentation as you are travelling to your destination. These 14 pre-made slides are designed in different ways to make sure that at least one of these modular templates will help you to get the job done. By using this after effect infographic template you will be able to make the most perfect presentation template within just 20-30 minutes. Yes it is that simple.

And to help you do things faster, this template also has a one-click color editing option which you can use to quickly edit the color of the whole Slide’s background or just an element from pre-defined swatches. You can read the statistician Quickstart guide to find out all about how this feature can make your presentation skill better than ever.


Not enough? Here are some more:

Here are some more features of this amazing after effect infographic template that you will love for sure:

  1. 16 diverse colorful theme to meet all kinds of presentation needs
  2. Pre-defined sliders and element control right from the control panel
  3. Easily combine different chat types into one to make them better
  4. Use a combination of icons and custom made images to personalize a slide
  5. Extended design template of Social media, t-shirt mania and food fantasies.
  6. Custom made graph templates to make your animated infographic presentation more personalized.
  7. All 1 one Hypha template and 7 inspiration themes to help you to get up and running
  8. Easy background sound integration to make a presentation more exciting.

You can check out the list of all these features and a free demo preview on this link.