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8 Biggest Changes in SEO Over the Past Year


2015, the year in which the rules have completely changed. This year you should have to pay attention to whether your keyword is too used otherwise you can earn negative penalties. Optimization for search engines is still not so difficult, but you should keep on mind a lot of things. Investing in SEO is definitely something that is worth for your business, like any investment in communications and marketing, it will bring an increase in sales if you done it right.

Why is SEO optimization so important?

Because you want your site to be among the top ten results that will emerge after a visitor enters certain keywords in the search engine, it is necessary to SEO optimize it. On the first page fit only 10 results. The other 10 is on the next page, and so on.

Rarely, a visitor is checking the second, third or fourth page. Basically, he finds what he seeks on the first page. If your site is not among the top 10, so on the first page, it is very likely that your site won’t be opened or visited.

In other words, if your website is not properly optimized, or do not respect the rules of SEO, you will have a very small number of visits. A small number of visits, meaning even fewer customers or clients. A higher number of visits means, potentially increasing number of customers. Average websites, out of every 100 visitors, make one to three customers.

If you already not using SEO optimization, you should start immediately. In one of our previous articles you can check some tips and tricks on how to keep your site optimized in 2015. And below you can check the infographic which shows the biggest changes that have occurred in search engine optimization over the course of the year 2015:

SEO 2015