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71 Free Online Courses You Haven’t Tried Before

online courses

How many times have you heard that, “Man learns while he is alive?”. True, since the first days of our lives we learnhow to eat, to walk, to write … How we slowly grow up, learning is becoming increasingly complex. How then we can manage this fit into the hectic pace with which we carry every day? Online Courses!

What is online learning, e-learning or distance learning?

Although many are still skeptical of such ways of learning, global trends show the benefits of this new way of learning, and more and more people are opting to them.

online courses

When it comes to education, the majority of people are educated through primary and secondary schools and universities, or state education system. There are plenty of cases when you are not able to find a course that interests you. If it is before possibly be a problem, today, through the spread of the internet that is changing. So you can enter the world of the Internet, which is an inexhaustible source of information.

Online learning can be defined as the performance of the educational process with the help of information and communication technologies. Freely translated, this means that it is learning through computer, for which you need the Internet and on this way you are able to learn from anywhere and at any time. Online courses can take place through written text, voice, video or tests. Many do not have time for additional courses because of work, studies or other commitments. So this is a great opportunity that allows you to gain knowledge of your own home.

The advantage of this learning is that you can choose the area of interest. Everything you wanted to, you now have the opportunity to learn. The advantages of e-learning are many. Participants are enabled to learn at their own pace, at the place and time of their choosing. In addition to learning in a way that suits them best, customers are encouraged to study Multimedia and exercise knowledge through the use of audio, video, text, image, and multimedia materials.

So, in the infographic below you’ll discover the best choices for free online courses in different categories. Each section contains a list of online courses that offer learning materials of ultimate quality without charging a cent!