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Does Ecommerce Need Live Chat?

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There are a number of reasons why you should chat with your customers through live chat. We are going to emphasize four of them and for the rest, take a look at infographic below.

With Live Chat you are immediately at your service

When someone can’t find something in “ordinary” shop with the four walls, floor and ceiling, first thing they do is look for employee for help. – Excuse me, do have more of these biscuits, but with the vanilla filling? – A question that someone will ask the first salesperson that they see in local supermarket when the shelf of their favorite cookie jar is empty. Then they expect the immediately response whether cookies are actually still  somewhere in the warehouse or are all sold out. Such thing you really need in your web shop. How else but through a “live chat”?

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People don’t like to call free numbers where they must pick other numbers (which is often through the smartphone and it’s complicated), and then wait for someone come along and listen to some annoying “the elevator” music.
Of course, you should use such a system for those people who do not use the “chat” although we can safely say that if a person buys in your shop knows how to chat. Customers do not like to even wait for respond on the email, so this is another advantage of the live chat on the web shop.

Increasing sales

Let’s get back to that store with four walls, ceiling and floor. This time it’s about running shoes store. You try to imagine the following scenario. The customer enters a shop and there is no one except video camera (not steal).
Looking shoes, tries some, find their size, hesitating a little between the two models and is not exactly sure which of the two models is better for running in nature.

Now the scenario moves online. These two models are finished in a basket, but not purchased. Now the buyer could through the “live chat”ask a seller which is the better model and immediately get a response – it is more likely that customer will buy shoes.

The seller can offer the buyer also another product through live chat. With sneakers for running in nature you can offer socks that are designed specifically for this type of sport. In addition, some customers after talks with the salesman feel of “duty.” “If I asked and salesman and he make an effort for me, maybe I should buy.” So you should hire someone who knows how to develop this feeling. 🙂

Listen to the numbers

Although individual web shops have built-in live chat, yet there is not enough data for analysis. However, data from the eDigital’s Customer Service survey which aimed to collect customer experiences through various channels of support shows tha all goes in favor of “live chat”. Even 73% of customers that used live chat was extremely satisfied with customer support. Email Satisfaction was expressed by 61% of customers, and providing support by phone, 44%.

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Data also goes in favor of repurchase, and it’s all because of the live chat. According to Boldchat, 31% of buyers from the United States and Britain said they were inclined to buy something after live chat with salesman. Also, the “chat” is an excellent solution for customers because it is fast. Of those who said they would prefer to chat, 79% said it was because the answers to their questions come quickly while 46% agreed that it is the most effective way of communicating.

Save with live chat

If you enable live chat in your online store, it will certainly cut some costs. It reduces the cost of the telephone exchange, and employees that works on live support can also have opened several chats that solves simultaneously.

So, for more advantages of including live chat in your ecommerce business, check out the infographic below:

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