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Online College Courses – infographic


Although many are still skeptical of such module of learning, global trends show the advantages of this new way of learning, and more and more people are opting to them.

Online college courses can be defined as the performance of the educational process with the help of information and communication technologies. Freely translated, this means that it is learning that takes place via computer, for which you need the Internet and is able to learn from anywhere and at any time. Can take place through written text, voice, video or tests. Many do not have time for courses because of work, studies or other commitments. Therefore, this is a great opportunity that allows you to gain knowledge from your own home. Throughout the learning you interact with your instructor. This form of learning will usually provide you a variety of IT colleges, language schools and certain educational institutions may charge their services and at the end of the course you receive a certificate.

Online college courses has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages can be summarized in three words: interactive, multimedia, and adaptability. Information technologies enable interaction with sources of knowledge and learning directly from these sources, and to interact / communicate with people (students, teachers and professionals outside the university).

Navigating the Internet provides access to information that once were not available even most teachers, let alone students. Furthermore, multimedia presentation of information (text, images, audio, video, simulations) combine different types of learning (reading, listening, writing, interactive manipulation), so everyone can choose the type that best suits personal learning style. In addition, 24-hour access to web content from any network individualizes learning, makes it independent of place and time, increases our independence and autonomy. If you take advantage of these resources, learning can truly become more efficient than one in the traditional classroom.

But on the other hand, that acquired “freedom” has its price. It is demanding that the student has self-motivation, self-discipline and personal organization in order to meet obligations in a timely manner. Responsibility for careful monitoring of teaching schedule, the agreed work plan and compliance with the agreed terms is entirely up to you. For example, this means that if you search for an answer to a question or solution to the problem, before contacting the teacher, you first need to peruse the available materials and / or discuss with other students. The teacher will be constantly available, but will not directly help as long as it is considered a problem you can solve yourself. So, time management and communication skills are very important elements of successful online learning.

In infographic below you can see some facts about online college courses and it’s students: