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Tips for creating infographics in PowerPoint


Before we begin, you know what PowerPoint is, right? You probably do, but what you maybe don’t know is that PowerPoint is the best tool to use when creating infographics. Yes, you read it well. And best of all, infographics in PowerPoint can be created by “ordinary” people who don’t know almost anything about design. To make your presentation interesting you should design it on interesting way, and you will be able to do that by using infographics. Today we’ll provide you few tips for creating infographics in PowerPoint. But, it is not enough just to be a good presenter to make a good presentation and the cost of a bad presentation can be huge, according to our friends at PresentationBundle who made this infographics.cost-bad-powerpoint-presentation

As you can see from the infographics above, bad presentation can really cost a lot and that is why more and more people started using PowerPoint infographics. And again we are here for you and in this article you will learn everything you need when creating infographics in PowerPoint.

Making effective presentation – three important steps

1. Plan

This is pretty obvious. Imagine that you go to an important trip but you didn’t learn anything about your route. What will happen? Well, chances that you will get lost are large. Same thing is when you start creating a presentation. If you don’t plan it well, chances are that you won’t do a good job. Try to decide what your listeners should learn and decide what the key points of presentation are. Then you can go to the next step.

2. Design

Hire 10 professional people to create the same presentation for you and they will all use different designs. But, some things will be the same. Most of the time, those things will be that…


  • Background won’t be distracting.
  • Presentation won’t have more than 10 slides.
  • Text will be short and memorable.
  • There will be no catchy transitions or some sound.
  • Bold and large text will be used for key points.

And most important of all, the story you wanted to say to your listeners will be told on perfect way and they will probably understand everything.

3. Final step – presenting

Final step is not directly connected to creating and designing a presentation but it is also the important part in your whole creating and executing process. If you have good and interesting design then you have already done at least half of the job. And how to do the rest? Simply follow some of the tips below.

  • Learn about what you are talking about.
  • Never, but I mean NEVER read from slides.
  • Be motivational.
  • Have a lot of energy and make it interesting.
  • Use simple words to simply explain everything.

And that’s it, now you have your (almost) perfect presentation. Still, it can always get better, right? As I already mentioned, design of the presentation is very important and if you do that well you already done like a half of the job. If you keep reading you will find more tips about designing a presentation in PowerPoint.

Creation tips

1. Styling your presentation

One of the most important advices you should follow is to stay clear of Calibri and Cambria, default Office fonts.  These fonts are not good for presentation and it simply won’t look good with them. Another good thing is to remove bulleting. Maybe bullets seem like a good idea to you but, trust me, they are not.

Do you know what “Slide Master” in PowerPoint is? If you do then try to use it. Each of your slides should be mostly the same and Slide Master will help you so you won’t have to edit each slide separately.


If you have multiple objects on your slides then you should align them so everything looks good. If you drag your objects to the middle and leave it there then it won’t look as good as it would with PowerPoint option to automatically arrange them. Choose “Arrange” from options and the click on “Distribute” and check the magic.

2. Designing your presentation

Do you know that you can access format menu that contains most of the object formatting tricks in one place? Well, now you know. Click on the object and then choose “Format”. Now you can play with shadows, reflections and some other interesting stuff.

Another good thing is to create your own custom shapes, and then crop your images right in that shape. Sounds interesting, right? Create a heart-shaped object, put your picture inside and show everyone how much you love, well you.
Did you every have the need to insert some webpage into your presentation? You probably just linked it inside and left it that way. Well, you have a better solution.


With LiveWeb you can embed the whole webpage to your presentation, and you don’t have to interrupt the presentation.

3. Processing your presentation

Did it ever happen that when you save the presentation and started it on another computer it looked different? For example, fonts didn’t look the same and that messed up the whole presentation. The problem behind this is that some computers don’t have the same fonts installed like yours. The solution? When you save your presentation choose “Embed TrueType fonts” and your problem is solved.

But what is I use older PowerPoint version and I don’t have that option? Some of our users are maybe asking that question. Is there a solution for this? Of course there is. You can save your presentation as JPEGs. Then, when you save it, insert those pictures to your slides. Also, if you want animations to appear to you just have to save the JPEGs of animation frame too and then display those pictures like you want.

Another good advice I can give you is to bring your own laptop when you need to present something. Even if you make all the necessary stuff to avoid problems you can still get something different ant that may confuse you or make your design look bad, especially if your computer has one OS, and the other one has some other OS. For example, you use Windows but your boss uses Mac. So, bring your own laptop and be safe.

So, I hope you learned something new and interesting about creating infographics in PowerPoint. If you get a job in the big company you will probably (or you already had) have to make some presentations. And since infographics is becoming more and more popular it is useful to know everything about it. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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