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The Screen Generation-Are We All Going Blind?

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The Screen Generation-Are We All Going Blind

There’s a high chance you’re looking at your computer screen entire day, and if you have burning feeling inside your eyes you could be on way to damage your eye vision. Ask yourself when was the last time you spend a day or few days without looking at the screen of phone, computer, laptop or tablet? You are probably staring at 1 or 2 screens even now while reading this text, going from one to another without looking away from them. If you think that is not big issue, think again as with any type of technology that features screen could damage your eye vision. The study had showed that between year 2010 and 2014, the average time users are spending with smartphone or tablets is not 1 but 5 hours each day. All that screen light is making your eyes work too much. It can cause fatigue, headache, eye strain and glare. One of the most usually problems a user can expect is having the computer vision syndrome. The start of it is sensitivity to light and blurred vision.

People don’t take dry eyes too seriously but in reality this can cause you real medical problems. What actually happens is that people forget to blink while watching the screen which will lead to dry, scratchy and irritated eyes which are unable to produce tears. It’s not just younger people and teenagers, but also older people. When it comes to protecting people from sun, everyone takes extra caution wearing glasses, and we need to realize blue light emitting from screens can have almost the same damaging effects. But what is blue light actually? Blue light come from electronic devices, digital screen, led and fluorescent lightning as well as the sun. Even though blue lights are dangerous, if you receive them in normal percentage, they can regulate our wake cycles as well as natural sleep, help in boosting our alertness and elevate mood and reaction time.

Screens are affecting kids too, so we need to take this really seriously. Only in America children aged 6 to 18 years old are at least spending more then 2 hours a day at screens. What is also in the rise is home access of smartphones and tablets for kids. In 2011 the access was 52% and 2 years later it rise up to 75%. In worst scenario, long exposure can actually damage your eye and you can experience vision loss. I miss the time when you could see kids playing basketball outside. Nowadays all they do is spend time on their Facebook and play games on their smartphones or video game consoles. No matter how old you are, you need to limit your eye exposure to blue light so you can have healthy vision for many more years in the future.

In order to achieve that try to focus on something else for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes and at least 20 feet away. Taking vitamin supplements oil omega 3 fish oil is great because it is proven it can improve health of eyes. When you work with your laptop for example, reduce all other lights in the room by at least 50%. You can also download software for blocking blue light. The way it works is that it changes the temperature color of your device, and most importantly remember to blink!