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20 Awesome Flat Graphics Picked by Techinfographics.com


We never have enough of this magnificent flat design. Flat graphics design can be both beautiful and charming. Without much extra embellishment, this can be a simple and neat way to convey the message and promote a product or idea. Now is the best time to take advantage of its benefits, before the next new wave occurs.

Flat graphics design is a method which does not use any additional effects to create a scheme and does not include any 3D attributes. No shadow, bevel, emboss effects, gradients, or other auxiliary tools that are used to create elements that appear raised or recessed relative to the screen. The icons and UI elements look sharp without effects on the edges.

Flat graphics design is simply a flat (plane).

Yet the design is not entirely in a flat graphics with no effects, it is customary to add effects to create “artificial” depth and dimension. Nowadays the vast majority of the design falls into the category of “almost flat”, where the general layout and concept has very little effect.


Throw out all the decorations in fact is not the real essence of this approach in the design.

Focus on color – flat design schemes often use a lot of vibrant colors, and the color is a key component to make everything work. Consider the use of colors with your logo in order for the site to be emphasized. Flat scheme can be used in black and white combination, but you will achieve much better results by using more colors.

Focus on typography – words are essential for transmitting communication messages which are used for navigation and direct the user’s actions on the site. Play with words with interesting and different typography – without ARIAL here.

Decide for fonts that are consistent with the message you want to convey. Remember that the flat scheme is simple and minimalistic, so consider how to incorporate typography into it. It is recommended to use a simple sans serif letters having a lot of variations or merger flat scheme with some of the new letters as artistic element.

It is necessary to create a simple user interface and UI elements. Buttons should not be excessive and complicated. As long as the elements are well defined and have the ease of use, they will be effective.

Create a hierarchy -it  is very important to create a special sense of hierarchy. In the flat design, some obvious places where you need to click – marked with the shadows, slopes, gradients and other effects – are not so obvious. Ensure that users can easily use the site and do not think too much about it. Links should also be clear and clickable, whether they are a different color or are in a box.


There is much debate about the proper name of this design, because many claim that the name does not really represent what you see. Various companies and groups have tried with other names such as minimalist design, honest design or even “authenticaly digital” that uses Microsoft.

For more info about flat design you can check out our Flat Infographic – Facts About Flat Design, or read article related to this particular topic.


Below you can see 20 Awesome Flat Graphics picked by Techinfographics.com:


Universal Colorful Flat Icons

668+ Universal colorful flat long shadow icons. Well organized into 6 categories. Business set (160 icons) – Science and Research – Marketing – Office – Human Management – Industry- Document – Web – Education – Book. Services set (144 icons) – Logistic – Real estate – Finance – Car Service – Medical – Cleaning – Gardening – Home Repair. Technology set (124 icons) – Computer – Social Network – Space – Location – Cloud Computing – Audio & Video Equipment. Life style set (176 icons) – Shopping – Lady accessories – Cinema – Household Appliances – Furniture Weather – Transport. Holiday set (116 icons) – Christmas – Valentine – Travel – Party – Camping. Food & Kitchen set (148 icons) – Food and Restaurant – Sweet Pastry – Drinks – Kitchen – Barbeque – Vegetables – Fruits … Download here.




Flat Navigation

1 PSD: Desktop + Mobile Version 4 Color Styles. Download here.


95 Modern Flat Icons

Icon set contains 95 modern flat icons well organized (and named) into 6 different categories: Design, SEO / Web, Strategy / Management, Finance / Money, E-Commerce / Shopping and Others. Icons inside this set are available in different formats: AI, EPS, PSD (smart objects), SVG and PNG (256px – 512px). Thanks to vector files, these icons are easily scalable. You can also change the background color (or simply remove it). Instruction file is included! Download here.




120 Business Flat Icons

This pack contains 120 business flat icons. Fully layered and fully editable. Easy to change colors and adjustable to any size. Available in: Ai, EPS and PNG ( 48px – 64px – 128px – 256px – 512px ). Download here.




Clean Flat Pricing Tables

Professional and clean Web Pricing Tables. Fully layered and very easy to customize. Pricing table design 12 grid bootstrap. Design light version. Design dark version. 2 PSD Files. Easy to edit. Free font. Download here.

Preview (1)



Flat Design Natural Landscape

Suitable for all support, print ready, fully vector personalizable. Download here.

Image_Preview (1)

Set of Flat Design Business Concepts

Set of modern flat design illustration concepts for business, internet marketing, e-commerce and finance. The set can be used for several purposes like: websites, print templates, presentation templates, promotional materials, infographics, web and mobile phone services and app. Concepts are easy to edit, customize and resize, because of vector shapes and very well organized layers. Download here.




Flat Design Concepts for Marketing

Set of modern flat design illustration concepts for online advertising, marketing research and analytics search information. The set can be used for several purposes like: websites, print templates, presentation templates, promotional materials, infographics, web and mobile phone services and app. Concepts are easy to edit, customize and resize, because of vector shapes and very well organized layers. Download here.





This is a set of infographic elements Templates & Vector Kits To Design Your Own Infographic. The color scheme used is of a Modern and Fresh! type but can be changed to anything to match your design preference. Download here.

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24 Flat Premium Badges

Features – 100% Resizable, 100% Text is editable, Only free font used, Color is easily changed. ZIP Includes – 1 EPS file, 1 AI file, 1 PSD file, Help File- Links to download fonts and Support Contact Information. Download here.

Preview (4)



527 Useful Flat Icons

This set includes 527 useful flat icons that can be use them as Web Icons. All in a single document. Easily change the color & adjustable to any size. Available in: AI, EPS and PNG ( 64px – 128px – 256px – 512px ). Download here.




ABC Flat Infographic

This is a set of infographic elements Templates & Vector Kits To Design Your Own Infographic. The color scheme used is of a Modern and Clean type but can be changed to anything to match your design preference. Download here.




Flat Vector Infographic Elements

This set of vector infographics features a flat style. The download includes 5 color schemes. Download here.



Web Flat Icons

Web Flat ICONs set modern vector illustration concept of digital tablet. That can be used for designing and developing websites, as well as printed materials and presentations. Download here.




Simple Flat Business Flyer/Ads

Flyer templates ideal for any company/corporate/bussines also perfect for magazine/newspaper ads Available in 2 different Layout and Styles. Download here.




404 Pack Flat Style

Are you bored of your or your current 404 error page? Well, the new Pack in Flat Style is Here! This Must Have 404 Pages Pack Contains: 7 Unique and Creative 404 pages designs. Each design has done in 100% photoshop vectors and layer styles. That means you can easily change:  Sizes; Positions; Fonts; Fill Colors; Gradients; Backgrounds colors. Everything! – Or even add your own designs, logos or customizations! As this is built on 100% vector and layer styles, you can easily change the resolution of the composition for any screen size or even for printing, whitout losing even a pixel of quality! Download here.




Commerce and Savings Flat Illustration

Flat design vector illustration concept with icons of retail commerce and marketing elements such as promotion, coupon, discount and various shopping and money economy sign and symbol. Isolated on stylish color background. Download here.




Blurred Flat User Interface

Blurred flat user interface Pixel perfect, Easy to customize, Well organized & Named layers. Organized & layered PSD file containing a lot of well designed web and user interface elements. 17 groups 332 layers, 1180×2924 pixel RGB Color mode 72 DPI. Very useful for designers and programmers. With this package You can easily create Your own tablet, app or web interface. Download here.




Business Items Flat Icons Set

Modern design flat icons vector collection concept in stylish colors of business workflow items and elements, office things and equipment, finance and marketing objects. Isolated on blue background. Download here. 




10 Different Flat Poly Backgrounds

This pack contains 10 jpg gifferent flat poly backgrounds for your projects. Pixel Dimensions: 3000×2000. Download here.