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In a previous article we mentioned that business cards are not extinct yet.

Although in today’s business, we usually communicate via e-mail, people can find out everything over the internet and most of the correspondence is done using modern technology, but there is one little thing that is not only very practical but it is also an ideal way of leaving a good impression and “breaking the ice” at the meetings.

Technology is advancing, brands come and go, but one business tradition for centuries remains the same. The exchange of business cards between people who met for the first time . It is an inevitable rite in the business world.

Business card usually contains basic information about a person (name, contact email, phone number and the name of the company) with an intrinsic visual identity of company (logo, corporate colors …). We use it when we meet with potential business partners, customers, during performances at various business events and meetings, and it provides an initial introduction to the person and leaves your contact as a reminder for some kind of future cooperation.

Of course, the card is a matter of business etiquette. It adds personality to business relationship. Although the trend of digital exchange contacts expanding, business with the printing of the classic business cards is nowhere near collapse. Physical plastic or cardboard card has kept the charm. Exchange of business cards is subject of bon-ton, the greeting and gift giving.

We offer you a few tips that will help you not blow it when you handling with card: 

  • Do not share it with all and always
  • Do not share them, just to share – it’s much better in a meaningful conversations
  • Give a card to someone who asks for it or anyone who gave you his/her own card, usually – to the person you estimate that will cooperate with you.
  • If you want to accomplish further contact with someone, ask for bussines card (thus prevents a situation in which you give your card, and you get a return)
  • Before you give the card, on the back write something that will simply remind that person about you and your conversation (practically, it helps build better relationships).

Below are some great Business Card Templates for you.

Angelic White Creative Business Card

A pure white unique design with gold details and a Beautiful Retro insignia to place your brand or business name. A Professional business card template for Creative business, corporate or personal use. All objects are resizable, shapes with no quality loss, removable and editable. Download here.

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Creative Business Card 080

Features: Fully Editable Files (fully layered files), 3.5×2 (3.75×2.25 with bleeds + trim mark), 300 DPI, CMYK Colors, Horizontal, Vertical Templates, Resizable Objects, Very easy to use, Well Organized layers, Print Ready Files. Download here.




Minimal Business Card

Creative and elegant business card template. Can be used both for both corporate and personal usage. Template information: Fully editable Template, Photoshop PSD files (Seperate files for Front and Back), Print Size 3.5” x 2” (Bleed size 3.75” x 2.25”), Optimized for printing / 300 dpi, CMYK color mode, All PSD files are highly organized (Labeled, Grouped layers). Download here.




Simple Business Card

A great business card for almost any kind of company, or even personal use. You can easily edit the text and colors. Download here.

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Sleek & Dark Business Card

2 Sided modern business card, excelent for any type of business or personal usage. Layered PSD File; Fully Editable; 3.5×2 inch; 300 dpi; CMYK; Print Ready. Download here.