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Top 10 Fifa World Cup 2014 Infographics

Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the most informative blog post about fifa world cup 2014! All you need to know about World Cup 2014 in one post! We have collected top 10 world cup 2014 infographics in one place. So you can read, explore and enjoy 10 of the best data visualizations about football this year. World Cup 2014 is just around the corner and we thought you might want to know some facts and statistics about one of the biggest sport events in the world. There is too much information, facts and statistics to write about World Cup 2014. It’s easier to tell the story visually. We hope you will enjoy our infographics collection ! Each infographic is unique in it’s own way. Some of them contains more facts and stats than others. But we can assure you – all 10 World Cup 2014 infographics are fantastic and worth to see! If you like this infographics collection, please share with your friends and don’t forget to leave your comments!

1. Explainer Videos – FIFA 2014 Unknown Facts By Square Pixel Studios

We will start our list with this awesome motion- infographic by Square Pixel Studios. Beautiful and inspiring Fifa World CUP 2014 presentation!

2.FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola

Can you imagine World Cup without Coca-cola?We don’t. Enjoy…

3.The World Cup’s Crazy Numbers 12 cities

4. Bem Vindo ao Brazil by Techinfographics.com

Infographic shows info about every single World cup 2014 National team. Read more about this infographic here

5.2014 Fifa World Cup by the numbers

Some interesting facts and numbers:

6.World Cup vs Life

“A vs B” style infographic , showing some interesting data:

7.Fifa World Cup in Brazil

Simple yet explanatory infographic :

8.World Cup 2014 Brasil

Tables and play schedules:

9.A Guide to Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil

Awesome design and great presentation

10. WC 2014 Brazil

Interesting facts and great infographic layout: