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10 Benefits of Sharepoint 2013


For starters, SharePoint Online 2013 is much more than just a document management system because it offers functionality far beyond the mere management of documents and its greatest strength is precisely in those functionalities which are interwoven. Seen from this point of view is completely wrong to see SharePoint Online 2013 exclusively through one of its many features.

SharePoint is the name for a collection of products / technologies, not just a program, it is a platform. Part is considered as content management system and documents while actually it’s much more than that, it is also designed as a central application platform that meets the needs of a wide range of residential and business customers. There are a lot benefits of SharePoint which you will see in infographic that we prepared.

For the quality management of the organization and operations is no longer enough the fact that there are documents, physically and electronically, there is also speed of access to information from them, their sharing and others. With the exponential growth in the amount of information it is becoming increasingly difficult to organizations to get the right information in the right time because they were stored in different media, in different forms and in different places. The reasons for the exponential growth of the amount of information is the distribution and availability of the Internet, cheap media for storing digital content and improving network connectivity. Automation of document management is something without the business today is unthinkable. So, if you want to know about all benefits of SharePoint 2013, check out this infographic below: