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Benefits Of Massage Chairs

benefits of massage chairs infographic

benefits of massage chairs infographic

Today, people are more and more recognizing all the health benefits of massage. According to study, just in America alone, almost quarter of American people had one massage at least last year. Massage is used not just for relaxation and resting but also for treating symptoms, healing injuries and helping with certain health conditions. People are always searching for some type of wellness, and massage is one of key elements for achieving that. One of the main elements that massage is focused on is helping to ease the back pain. Often people take painkillers but it’s just not enough. Did you knew that massage is working better then spinal modifications and acupuncture? Massage is reducing the use of painkillers for almost 40 %. Massage is also helpful when people are suffering from insomnia, having massage can improve sleep and reduce suffering of migraines.

Benefits of massage chairs

So, there’s a lot that you can get from massage chairs. You deserve relaxation, improved health, chill out moments and overall well being. There’s a belief especially from pro athletes and trainers that massage is also increasing blood flow and also at the same time decrease of lactic acid build up. So if you perform regular massage, it can reduce your muscle fatigue. In order to relax, massage chairs are made in a way that they use smooth and gliding strokes with both light or firm pressure to work out your knots in tissue of muscles. If you plan to buy one for yourself, think of it as an extension of battery for you and your booster of energy, aside from sleeping. Many of massage chairs are offering much more then just relaxation. The biggest problem is back pain because people spend lots of time working on their computer or at office. Those desk related jobs require much sitting position for many hours.Massage Chairs

Good massaging chair will use vibrations or air pressure systems to massage muscles in lower parts of your body. Study was made in 1999 by Touch Research Institute and 30 participants who had hypertension were given massage for 30 mins, twice a week for 5 weeks. The results after tests showed that they had reduction of anxiety and stress through this treatment. Massage can even reduce complications that are life threatening such as having heart attack or a stroke. Massage chairs have also been used even in modern medicine, for patients that are suffering from cancer. It can reduce cancer symptoms and also side effects of many treatments that include fatigue, depression, pain, nausea and swelling. In today’s society, it’s no surprise that people have high levels of heart rate and stress.

We experience stress on a daily basis in all parts of our life whether you’re working or staying at home. Stress is number one factor for fatigue and many diseases. Massage chairs are even correcting your posture while you’re still young. Massaging will mobilize and flex stiff muscles, maintain good blood streaming and adjust spinal alignment. Massage chair should provide you with its purpose and feature. Like we see from this text, there are many benefits for the users. So if you are planning to invest some money to buy one for yourself, keep in mind what can you get from having one. Don’t bother if price is little high cause in the end, the money you spend on this investment is good for your health.