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7 Tips For Saving Money on Book and Booklet Printing – 2024 Guide

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Choosing to print a book or some promotional materials is still a great way to attract more people. Even though we can use digital format today, which is becoming more and more popular, people are still interested in paper, especially when it comes to books. There is no better feeling when you are reading something than when you are physically holding it in your hands. However, a lot of publishers will demand a lot of money or higher percentages from sales, which is not so good if you are not a famous writer with guaranteed sales. Therefore, finding a way to save some money is always recommended. One of the most affordable solutions is to use outsourcing services, like the one available at QINPrinting.

Many other excellent methods could help you to save more money. The current situation in the hold world is suggesting that we should focus more on cheaper and more affordable alternatives in both professional and private life. In that matter, we are going to introduce you to some effective methods that will help you to save money on book and booklet printing.

1. Choose Standard Paper Sizes

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It is not a rare case that some people would choose to use some unique format for their books or promo materials. However, you should select the dimensions that are most popular in your country. For example, the most common format in the United States is 8.5 x 11 inches. However, you can make your expenses to become much lower if you choose a layout with dimensions which are half of that size.

2. Use Only a Black Ink

We are aware of the fact that using more than just white paper and black ink might attract more people. However, if you are publishing a book, you should know that people will decide to buy it for the content and not because of the design. In that matter, unless you are creating some promotional materials or interactive books for kids, you can choose the cheapest option, and have your book printed only with black ink. Your additional expenses will then be related only to the cover, which still needs to have a decent design in various colors.

3. Use Colored Paper for the Cover

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Another way to save a lot of money on printing, which can especially be effective when you need a lot of copies is to choose a colored paper for the cover instead of using the white one. That way, you will need less ink to create a cover since printing all sorts of colors over white paper might significantly increase the cost of the process.

4. Order Higher Number Of Books at Once

If you are sure that you will have enough sales, you can save a lot of money if you choose to order a bigger series of printed materials at once. Most services will lower their price per piece when you demand a higher number of copies. By combining a large number of books along with choosing only the white paper and back ink, you can save much more money than expected. However, you should research more and try to find the best service to be sure that they could satisfy your demands. Therefore, you should never rush with your decision and just choose the cheapest option.

5. On Demand Printing

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In case that you have an agreement with some publisher to sell your books in your stores, you can always determine a limited number of books and choose to print more only if you need them.  The best service for that is on-demand printing, where you will have to find an affordable service that will print your materials only when you need them. With this strategy, you can avoid additional expenses by printing only the number of copies that you need. Moreover, since there is an expansion of online stores today, you can set an agreement with some outsourcing service for printing, which can print your book each time when someone orders it. The best solution is to look for countries like China, India, and Vietnam since they are offering the cheapest services of outsourcing with decent quality.

6. Hire a Printer with Proper Experience

While saving money is important, you should focus on other aspects as well, especially on the quality. You don’t need the cheapest option if they will create copies that could be easily torn up by simply flipping the pages. Also, these professionals have enough experience to provide you with proper advice related to which sort of paper to choose, how many prints to start with, and what combination of colors to use for the covers to save more money.

7. Design the Cover by Yourself

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Even though this is not directly related to printing, you should know that graphic designer could demand a lot of money for your cover since they have enough knowledge and experience to come up with something original. However, you can use some online tutorials to learn more about the software and the whole process of making graphic content that you can use for your cover. However, if you are making promotional material, we suggest you hire a professional designer who can create content and provide you with more potential clients.

Last Words

As you can see, various methods can help you to save money on printing, especially when you need a lot of copies. Nevertheless, you should focus on the quality first and then look for more affordable solutions that could offer similar conditions of paper and colors. The most important thing is to make the readers satisfied and you won’t manage to do that if you offer them a poor paper quality that can easily tear off. One of the main reasons why people love books is because they can save them and keep as part of their collections. When you manage to create an attractive cover and choose a high-quality paper, you should select some of these methods to decrease the selection of colors or make the book in smaller dimensions that will still keep the same quality.