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Why choose Magento for e-Commerce website


In this article we’ll talk about why choose Magento for e-Commerce website. Magento is the best open source software solution for online commerce. A large number of developers involved in the development of applications for the web shop resulted in the rapid development of this application and the status of the most widespread application for online sale of products. Magento is a highly versatile software focused on functionality, flexibility and usability. Its search engine optimization and a large number of useful functions for the web shop, as well as its variety, easy-to-install extensions, make it one of the most popular and most widely used eCommerce platform today.

Today there are a number of different platforms for the online store, but Magento is able to extract its innovative and functional solutions for online sales of all types of products, whether it is a virtual goods (software) or on a configurable products, eg. Shirts (choice of size and color ) or computer (select the amount of memory, disk size, etc.) or is it simply about the products and their attributes (make, model, manufacturer, specifications).

One of the biggest advantages of Magento platform in front of other open source solutions is the possibility of adding and updating a large number of products (> 10,000). Below we list some of the large number of functions of Magento platform.

All orders, with the possibility of accepting, processing or refusal of orders, and direct customer contact. Creating a template for an order confirmation to be sent to the customer by e-mail immediately after a successful purchase. It can be set to Magento notify about the order to the desired e-mail address. You can set your mobile device so you can recive information about new orders any time.

All automatically generated bills. The total sum of invoices with a strong tax. It is possible to enter the purchase price. You can create a template for invoices so that they look as desired or as the invoices that you usually use in your business.

A large number of options to adjust the types and delivery rates. It is possible to automatically determine the shipping cost eg. In weight or value of the account. You can set free delivery for the purchase of more than a certain amount, and the like.

Development and implementation of tax rules for different products or groups of products.

Product catalog
Product management and product categories. The names, characteristics, price (regular, action, action by adjusting the date, add a different price, for example. ‘Your savings’ etc.), The product information for the public search engine, images and picture gallery, inventory management of stock, setting notification when inventories reduce and remove the products from the offer if there is no more in stock. Assigning products into multiple categories, view all the products of each category. Setting similar products. The ability to view available updates for the product (up-selling) and offer other potential products that customers could buy (cross-selling). The system for products reviews and system control of product reviews, then labeling (tagging) products by customers or systems.

Any number of attributes (characteristics) of products and product groups. You can set certain categories of products that have a certain group of attributes. For example you have a store with smartphones and watches. Smartphones will have its own group of attributes, which will have attribute like screen size, operating system, battery life, etc., While the watches have their attributes, eg, depth, a stopwatch, and so on. For each attribute, you can choose whether to be a text field , the field for more text, date, yes / no choice, multiple selection, a drop-down menu and others. You can choose whether attribute will be using for regular search or an advanced search.

Managing users (customers), the classification of users into groups, assigning different discounts for certain groups of customers and the like.

A large number of options to determine the pricing rules of the shopping cart. Discount on certain group of products, discounts in terms of ‘buy 2 – get 3’, discounts based on individual attributes, then discounts so that if a customer buys a certain number of specific categories receive a discount, which can be determined by a percentage or fixed amount to the individual product, or the total amount in shopping cart.

Ability to add coupons to the way that the customer when purchasing enter the specific code or promotional code and get a discount (percentage or fixed amount). Can be determined by the duration of the promotion and / or the maximum number of available products, by the customer or general.

Create and send HTML promotional electronic messages (newsletter) to customers and / or subscribers.

CMS (Content Management System)
Adding your own custom sub pages on the website – for example. “About Us”, “Terms of payment ‘,’ Delivery ‘and the like.

An extensive reports on all aspects of online sales – orders, tax, invoiced, delivery, refunds, coupons, shopping cart, the products in the basket, best-selling products (for the period), most viewed products, report on low inventory in stock, software products downloads, customer by number of orders, labels and product reviews, terms used for search and others.

You can have several different online stores on a Magento platform.

Assigning the roles to employees – order processing, delivery processing, invoicing eg.

Below you can check infographic with 10 reasons why choose Magento for e-Commerce website, and we also prepared some amazing magento templates for download:



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Supermarket Magento Theme – Oswad

Em0127 Oswad is a premium Magento theme with advanced admin module. It’s extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. Suitable for every type of store. Great as a starting point for your custom projects. Preview and download here.




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