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What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You

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What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You

It’s no surprise anymore that social networks are taking over the virtual world and people have their own strategy when it comes to using platforms in a way to spread or get their message to their audience. Social media has become crucial part of marketing. And if you are in any way professional in that area you need to adapt. Marketers of modern age are split by factors like channels, strategies and skills. Each of those can bring something to the table. So let’s go through most common types of digital marketers on social platforms, maybe you find yourself in any of these. First on the list is multichannel master. He is player at his heart. They are concentrating on much of the digital techniques but also trying to use every social channel available to them. Usually they are working in energy business, telecommunications companies and banks. In each of their campaign they are utilizing call centers, direct mails, mobile, live events and of course social media.

Have you ever heard of SoMoLo Maven? Those kind of marketers have their fingers on pulse. They are totally focused on latest apps, platforms and social media channels so they can tell their stories and attain more customers. Out of all other marketers from groups, this group is spending most of their budget on mobile marketing and social media. Their world is online and they keep on pushing interaction in real time as their way of measuring how successful they are. What is typical for them is making big campaigns but not having too much money for spending.  But they are digital marketing’s pioneers and are always very sure about their strategy. There are also digital nerds. They are shifting big data amounts but are not really interested in advertising brands. Usually they are using around 9 to 10 channels for marketing with search, online ads and websites for their campaign ports. They are also known for exploring something new, spending money to test more digital channels. Digital nerds are masters in analytics of data. They usually work in loyalty companies, traditional digital agencies and online retailers.

Not everyone is modern digital marketer as there are old school marketers too. For them, it’s all about having the steady eye contact and firm handshake. They like to be engaged with customers directly either personally or physically. It’s all about selling one to one ignoring the brand. Old school directs usually come from big catalogue or tech companies, direct or major mails, email marketing or even call centers.  It’s normal for them to avoid channels such as TV, radio and going outdoors which doesn’t give them chance of having the face to face opportunity. Old school marketers are driven by numbers just like digital nerds, but nerds are relying on marketing of high volume for hitting their final goals.

I think there is a sure revolution on the horizon, when it comes to marketing. Many owners of brands are using hybrids of different models so they can engage with audience more easier. But in order for you to really succeed in digital marketing you need to be mastermind of data analytics.