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What Do You Get for Someone Who is Newly Pregnant?

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Finding the right gift for a mom-to-be may be a nightmare for some, but for many moms-to-be, it’s a real nightmare when they get something they’ll never use. This doesn’t make the task any easier, right? Joking aside, the task is not that difficult due to the fact that so many useful and interesting gift ideas can be found online. This is why we are writing this article, to help you with a couple of suggestions. 

Of course, it’s easy to ask: What do you need” and get rid of the dilemma and problem, but if you want to play on the surprise factor, these are some of the super useful gifts that pregnant women said they really want to receive. Below is a list of those gifts.

A quality guide through pregnancy

These guides can be super useful. Especially if it is the first pregnancy in which there are many questions and doubts. Reading material to read and answers to every question – an ideal gift that can be passed on and used further. Plus, there are some excellent books written by the best professionals in the field, which can really contribute to making a mom-to-be more prepared and aware of what is happening with herself and the baby.

More maternity leggings

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A super comfortable piece of clothing that no one will hate. It goes with all combinations and every pregnant woman will be grateful that you thought of something so simple and so necessary.

A good ointment against stretch marks

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Hydration of the skin is especially important during pregnancy, and every pregnant woman can benefit from a bit of caressing, and TLC. So, cheer her up with a more expensive version of the stretch mark cream that will make her feel like she’s going to a beauty salon for a treatment! 

Neutral ergonomic baby carrier

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It can be a slightly more expensive gift, but a gift that will be very, very much appreciated. Ask about ergonomically correct carriers that the baby can stay in from birth. Choose a neutral pattern that would “pass” on to most moms. There is no better gift than two free hands and a baby sleeping contentedly in a carrier. You can choose one from www.freubelshoponline.nl.

Comfortable, non-slip slippers

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Do you know what a pregnant woman shouldn’t do? Slip and fall. That’s why stable, comfortable slippers are a real gift that pregnant feet will know how to appreciate. Moreover, these will be very welcome by the time she is due, as hospital floors can be slippery.

Stretching maxi dress

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It is the ideal friend of every pregnant woman, especially if she is going to “push through” a heavy pregnancy in the summer months. Such a dress hides all the flaws and provides maximum comfort and a feeling of lightness. Here too, choose neutral tones that can be worn with all possible shoes and handbags. A lot of women have the need to dress up through pregnancy, and do their hair and make-up more than usual, which makes a dress an ideal gift. 

Weekly catering

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Make a loved one happy with weekly catering, because really, who likes to cook every day? Especially when you are pregnant, cooking and standing at the stove can be a real nightmare. You can be the caterer yourself, cooking and bringing what your pregnant friend likes, and you can also treat her to five-day lunches from the restaurant. After all, she needs quality calories and plenty of rest.

Pregnancy diary

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Stress reliever during pregnancy, and a beautiful memory after. Every woman will enjoy keeping a pregnancy diary and recording her daily changes and experiences. We tend to forget these too soon, but writing them down makes it possible to take a trip down memory lane every now and then after the child is born.

Quality water bottle

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We have already mentioned the importance of quality nutrition, and hydration is a part of that. We all know how important it is to take in sufficient amounts of water, especially during pregnancy. A quality water bottle with a pleasing and cheerful design that can be used again and again will be a long-term companion during and after pregnancy.

Maternity headphones

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Let’s call them maternity clothes, although they are actually meant for the baby. Yes, research shows that babies enjoy music even in their mother’s womb. These maternity headphones are made with adjustable hoops so they can be securely “clipped to your belly and worn under your clothes. Also, mom can “connect” and listen to the same music as the baby, and there is also a special “safe mode” that adjusts so that the music is not too loud.

Choosing any of the gifts from our list will make any mother-to-be happy. But if you really want to think of something yourself, below are some hints on how to choose an ideal gift. 

How to choose the ideal gift for a future mother?

It is best to buy or make a surprise that includes something that is important to both of you, include some of your shared memories, it will always make them happy. It is important that it is something personal for her.

It is a bit simpler to buy a gift if you are a friend, they are not so sensitive and won’t judge you no matter what you bring as a sign of attention. They’ll know you tried anyway, even if you don’t buy a gift that’s to their taste.

If it’s your sister, surely you know something she secretly wants to get. Or if you don’t, you can always consult your mom. Moms are the ones who always know their children and who have been through all that, so they will easily remember what would make their child happy.

Some of these suggestions for gifts for pregnant women will surely help you put a smile on the face of the mother-to-be.