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One digital marketing trend might work tomorrow engage now


Today’s world is a digital world everything is digital marketing trend where exciting new services, products, and various digital innovations are existent. With multiple platforms, social media, and channels devices around consumers should be updated daily, hourly, and even every minute with the correct information. As you examine the current trends in 2016, you notice that it requires an analytical approach and creativity to undertake them. These trends provide solutions and as our knowledge are build up.

digital marketing trend

Search and e-commerce incorporated to Facebook and Twitter

How nice would it be if you can “google” on Facebook and purchase products using a messaging app attached on Facebook? You could attract more customers/clients to your advantage. At the moment this digital marketing trend is in the testing phase. It would boost Brands visibility online. Companies will utilize the Facebook’s Messenger app to interact and e-commerce with customers.

Snapchat: Advertisements with an expiration date

One of the fascinating younger generation digital marketing trend in the social media circles is Snapchat. Never heard of it? Well, it is a photo/video messaging app that enables digitally savvy users record videos, add text to images, take pictures, and later send them to their contacts. Very few brands use Snapchat as their marketing channel. But real-time marketing is becoming more popular; companies will need to integrate them into their marketing campaigns to be more successful. Why would a company go on Snapchat? Simply because if you want your brand to reach your audience and especially if the target audience is the younger generation, well better your company gets creative and aggressive using Snapchat.

Link to extremely engaged audiences using Meerkat & Periscope live video streaming 

As technology and mobile connectivity improves Videos are popularly integrated into a marketing strategy. Live video streaming allows consumers to experience a company’s brand. But how well can you achieve that? Two apps, Meerkat & periscope, allows for this opportunity. Using your mobile phone, you could take stream live videos and later, share and comment in the Twitter community.

digital marketing trend


 Advertise through Instagram 

Visual stimulation runs today’s society and this becomes the ultimate current digital marketing trend. Instagram understood it and built a super successful business out of it. It simply allows you to share your life and experiences with the rest of the world. It also offers paid advertising opportunities using selected developer partners like Sales force Marketing Cloud, Kenshoo, N SocialCode and Brand Networks. We suggest corporate should get their creative juices flowing and utilize it to their advantage.

digital marketing trend

Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing, defining future advertising 

Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing which uses Ad Words has relieved digital marketers. It allows you to send direct ads or content to target people based on their email or phone number. PPC ads can incredibly target person with significant social profiles. Also, viral PPC content will help your brand get noticed in your target market.

Create an Omnichannel experience 

You might be wondering what on an omnichannel is? Well, omnichannel is a multichannel sales approach that enables customers to enjoy the seamless shopping experience. Whether desktop or mobile device online shopping, in a store or through a telephone. Basically, with the right message you will target consumers based on browsing behaviors. The Disney created omnichannel experience gives much insight to every marketer’s dream of reaching their target audience and use one more yet powerful digital marketing trend.

Last but not least, Content Re-marketing

Content marketing e-books, white papers, writing blogs, and other content is vital to many marketers. The question is how you would you recapture viewers who visited your site? Content Re-marketing is the process of tagging and re-targeting visitors on your site. It provides you the opportunity to talk to people as they are watching a YouTube video, check emails or reading the news.

The digital boom is here, let’s embrace it, use to our advantage to attract consumers attention towards what you offer.