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Why Watching Movies with A VR Headset Is More Immersive

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Who knew that film could get more immersive and entertaining? Movies were once a form of entertainment that we would watch with no distractions and were fully immersive. With the rise of technology and daily disturbances, it is rare to watch a film with no distractions. Yet now, with the likes of a VR headset, users can watch movies through a head-mounted display. No longer do people need to play movies in the background or have their phones as a distraction. VR headsets allow people to watch the movie and be completely immersed.

Although VR headsets are associated with gaming and virtual reality worlds, they are now being utilized as modern technology that is revolutionizing the cinema and television industry. Movies can once again be an immersive and expansive experience. Here’s a closer look at how VR headsets work for movies and how they make watching more immersive.

A VR headset used for any feature, whether it be gaming, watching, or learning, involves your eyes being focused on what’s in front of you. They do not allow any type of distraction as all you can see is the screen and entertainment in front of your eyes. The headset is fully-mounted. You simply strap it around your head and are good to go. Newer models allow users to walk around wirelessly.

So, you can watch whilst lying down or wandering around the house. You can watch all movie genres through a VR headset from action films and adult VR movies through BadoinkVR.com, to anime and children’s movies. They are designed for anyone to use, so long as you abide by the age limits and restrictions.

How different is it to watch a movie with a VR headset?

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Although it may sound like you are still only watching a movie and can take the headset off at anytime to be distracted, you are less likely to. Watching anything through a VR headset allows users to watch a movie and feel like you are in a theatre. Whether your movie is in 2D, 3D or a full 360-degree VR production, you will love the available customization options and visuals of watching in VR.

How to watch a movie using a VR headset

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To watch and get the most out of your VR movie experience you will want to use an app. An app will let you customize your screen size, background setting or color, and change the distance of the screen that is in front of you. You can pretend you are watching in a cinema with a 180-inch screen.

Many apps sync with your devices to stream you favorite movies. Some even allow you to stream the movie alongside your friends so that you can watch together. So it really will feel like you are in the cinema.

If your aim is to stream with your friends, you will want to use an app like Virtual Desktop or BigScreen Beta. If you more of a virtual living room or watch through apps, you may want to use apps like Google Daydream.

How to get the most out of your VR movie experience

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To get the most out of your VR movie experience, you may want to invest in some external headphones. Although there is sound, to be fully immersed you can benefit from headphones to get surround sound.

The different types of VR videos

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There are various types of VR videos, which you can watch on different headsets and/or through different sources.

2D Video

You can watch regular 2D videos on a VR headset, from any app, DVD, or YouTube.

3D Video

Just like in the movie theatres, you can watch 3D movies through a VR headset if you buy them as DVDs. You’ll usually have the choice between Full SBS, which contains each eye in full resolution, or Half SBS, which contains each eye in subsampled half resolution. This makes the VR experience that bit more immersive than a standard 2D video.

180 or 360 Video

You can immerse yourself in a 180 or 360-degree show if they have enabled that resolution. This means you can look around at this angle via head tracking side to side and up and down.

Full VR Video

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The full VR format combines 3D and 180 or 360 degree footage for a completely immersive, 3D, head-tracking experience.

VR headsets are definitely are great option for those who love movies and want to feel like they are in the cinema from the comfort of their own home. With VR, you can eliminate distractions and get an immersive experience with booming audios and high-definition visuals taking up your entire frame of vision.