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What Is A No Bust Blackjack Strategy & How Does It Work

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Gambling has always been popular all over the world. From the early days of salons and the first dedicated gambling establishments, people from all walks of life enjoyed playing games and competing against others in whatever card or dice game they could think off. This gradually evolved only to become a lucrative industry in the 21st century. It is hard to imagine a world without casinos nowadays, and even though gambling is infamous and even looked on as a sin in many traditions, it is here to stay. The popularity of gambling largely has to do with the many games that gamblers enjoy, many of which have become synonymous with casinos.

There are many fan-favorite casino style games out there that have existed for decades. Despite their longevity and many new games appearing over the years, the classics managed to remain prominent and mainstream thanks to a combination of simplicity of rules, a lot of different strategies and moves to know, and practice and experience you have to put in to become skilled and above average. One such game is blackjack, the popular casino card game with millions of players throughout the world.

Speaking of blackjack and how it is played, different players like to utilize different strategies. Based on what they want to achieve and how, they are free to choose one of the many well-known ways of playing in an effort to win some money. One of the most popular strategies is called no bust and we will explore it here in the article. In the modern era of gambling, gambling on modern devices like phones and computers through the use of the internet is the best way to play. If you wish to play blackjack and try the no bust strategy on online casinos for android devices, make sure to read more.


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The game of blackjack is a card game where you play against the dealer. There is no way of competing against each other, making this game a very popular activity for those who prefer something more easy-going that poker. Between one and eight decks, or between 52 and 416 cards are used. The less decks there are the lower the house edge is. The game is the most popular casino banking game with millions playing it at any given moment. The turns go clockwise and the random chance is high.

The first ever game happened in France in 1786. In Britain, it gained prominence by the 1780s. However, it was not until the 1800s that the first set of rules came into play. Since then, numerous new rules and regulations were introduced and eventually different parts of the world played the game their own way.

Every player and the dealer gets two cards. Cards with numbers between two and ten are worth their value, while picture (face) cards give you ten points. The ace is worth either one or eleven. The players can draw more cards to improve their hands. If you have an eleven ace in your hand, your hand is soft.

If your hand is over 21, it is hard. The point of the game is to bet that you have a better hand than the dealer, and the aim is to get a hand as close to 21 without going over 21. Several outcomes exist and there are many different ways to play the game of blackjack. The game has more than 100 variations in rules and it is often difficult to agree on the rules. Card counters are a regular occurrence so officials have to regularly introduce new measures and regulations.

About the No Bust Strategy

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Now that we have established what a bust is, it is time to talk about one of the most famous strategies in blackjack. It should be said that this is a strange strategy but a very easy one to understand and eventually implement. Basically, whenever you are at a risk of having a bust hand, you stand and take no more cards. You should stand even if the dealer looks ready to win and has a good hand. Nervous players and those who are overly cautious enjoy playing it, but it is definitely not exciting nor fun to do all the time.

Many players go for the no bust strategy on totals of 15 or 16 and even higher, which does not make much sense but it gives them hope and certainty. According to stats and mathematics, the dealer has a 33.15% chance of busting, which means you have 66.85% chance to lose if you do not keep playing.

If you take another card when your score is already around 15 or 16, you decrease your chances towards a bust closer to 50%. The dealer has 34.22% to have a 17, 11.44% for the 18, 19, 20, or 21, and 21.21% to bust. In short, the odds are worse for the player if they stand instead of playing the hand despite what either them or the dealer have as a hand total.

The strategy gets a lot of bad rep from experienced, seasoned players, because those utilizing it look like cowards and chickens at the table who are not willing to take risks and paly bigger. What is more, many believe that it does not actually work and that it is a strategy that will fail you much more often that it will help you.

Irritating and frustrating at best, since all you care about is not busting and not playing the game to win, it is definitely not for everyone. All you have to know when it comes to the game of blackjack is this: if you stay you do not have a chance, if you hit you have a reasonable chance. Depending on the type of player and person you are, you will either wait without much chance or do something with a slight chance of succeeding. It is your call how you will approach your next table.