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11 Essential Tricks for Great Blog Post in 2024


If you know how to write well then you should try to earn something with it. But how? Well, open your own website where you will write, your personal blog. You probably heard about blogs so I don’t have to explain that term to you a lot. If you already have something to write about then just go ahead and start writing. But if you don’t know the rules of blog post and how to make it good then don’t even bother writing before you learn more about that rules. And in case you want to start writing something but you don’t know what then you need an idea. There are lots of themes for blog post and you should pick the one you like, the one you should enjoy writing about. Pick some post theme you like, for example technology or sports and start writing. But if you can’t get your inspiration for writing flowing then there are other interesting ideas you can try. Keep reading and find out more about them.

Amazing ideas for blog post

To make your blog post more interesting even without too much writing you can always use:

  • Infographics – this one is pretty obvious, they are pretty hard to make if you want a good one but there are free tolls to make it. People love to see and read from them and you can present anything you want with it.
  • Interview – another good idea to include to your blog post is to make an interview with your friend, expert for some area, some worker or anyone else that could be useful. A quality interview with useful questions and answers will always be good.
  • Video – you can always make a video about some topic and if you don’t like to be filmed then you can make an audio file. Talk about an interesting topic.
  • List – people like lists, everyone knows that. Write some list or include it to your post. Make a top 10 list of something like products, links or even top 10 advices and people will love that.
  • Story – most of personal blogs are based on personal stories. If you have some interesting story and want to share it with the world then make a blog and post your story there.
  • How to articles – if you are an expert on some field then you can always write “How to” articles that will show people how to make and deal with something.
  • Review – you are a gamer? Write a review of some game. Or you browse website a lot? Make a review of some website. Or some project, product, service, anything you want. Then you can make a top 10 list of that.
  • Photo articles “A picture is worth a thousand words”, you probably heard about that expression. You can apply that even in blog posts. If you don’t have lots of inspiration for writing then just write an introduction and then put pictures.
  • Advices – it is always useful to share an advice with other people. Whether it is about cooking, car fixing, playing football or any other topic. There are always some important details some people don’t know about.
  • Recommendation – you bought some product and you like it? Well share your experience with other people. Write about this product, describe it and tell everyone to buy it.

Tips for writing blog post

And now we reached the most important part of this article, the part you all have been waiting for, right? Now you know exactly what blogs and blog posts are, you even have a topic to write about or you picked some of the ideas above and will turn them into post. Now it’s time to write a blog post that will impress the world. Here are 11 tips that will help you to create fantastic blog post and make no mistake.

  1. Headline


You can write a great article but people won’t read it if you don’t attract them somehow. And that is why you should have great and carefully made headline. Most of the time, especially with writing beginners, people ignore headlines. People just write one and settle with the first thing that comes on their mind. But experts sometimes need more than half hour to decide what headline will work. And then even come back and change it sometimes. To make a great headline it is always good to use numbers, catchy adjectives, trigger words like “how”, “when”, “why” and similar. And the most important part is – be original.

  1. Introduction

Even if you attract people with headline they can lose interest if they read a bad introduction into the post. Introduction is the first 50-100 words of the article and they will lead people to the rest. Good thing to do is to write a question, fact, some good quote, story, or even some statements. And if you are funny then good idea would be too attract readers on a fun way.

  1. Power Word

Power Words

Power words are very persuasive. They are easy to master but once you do it you will see how your writing got better. You can excite readers, make them angry and play with their emotions on any way you want. Amazing, right? Here is the list of 317 power words that you can use.

  1. Good sentences

If you decided to start writing your own blog then you probably think that you can write well. But can you write? Are your sentences good? To be a great writer you have to write great sentences every day in every article. Every post you write starts and ends with some sentence. To make a good sentence you can include facts, turn readers imagination with creating images, use power words we mentioned above to create some emotion or even make some promises that will give hope to people. And the most important – practice.

  1. Bullet points

What are bullet points? Well, bullet points are things that will help you to keep readers interesting, to keep them connected to your post. Bullet points must be short and informative. Use bullet points when you want to create some steps, statistics or any other stuff you want to point out.

  1. Subheads

You need subheads, always and everywhere. A large page of text without any subhead won’t be attractive to readers. Subhead is like a mini headline so make it connected to the headline. You can use subheadings to tell some story or to refer back to the tittle. You should never state the obvious in the subheads or try to be funny and cute. Just make them useful, original and relevant.

  1. Story

In every movie, TV show or even a book there is always some character that creates some interesting story. He is a hero of that story and the must reach his goal by solving all the problems that show up in his path with the help of his friend and his own head. The same thing is with posts, you should make your own hero of the article, define you goal and what will help you to reach it. And avoid any bad tips or moves.

  1. Internal cliffhangers

You are maybe wondering, what are internal cliffhangers? If you are a fan of some TV show then you surely noticed cliffhangers. Cliffhangers appear through all the show but mostly at the end one episode and always at the last episode in the season. And then you are always wondering what will happen next. The same thing should be included in posts. Little sentences that will keep readers attention and make them reach the end.

  1. Image

Even if you include amazing subheadings and internal cliffhangers to keep readers attention you can’t do it without images. Images are very important part of the post and you must pick them very carefully. Don’t put some irrelevant image to the post just because you like it, always try to pick image that will present something you wrote and image that is powerful enough to reach the imagination of your readers. We will tell more about the importance of images in articles and how to pick them in some other, special article.

  1. Closing

Imagine that you are a taxi driver, what is your job? To bring customers from the starting point to the destination. The similar thing can apply to posts. Your job is to drive readers from the start, or point A to the end, or point B. But before you give them the end you must decide what their destination is? Where do you want to take them? Once you figure that out you will be able to write some great ending to the whole post.

  1. Be authentic

And just like that we got to the end of our list. My last advice is to be authentic. You have to be original, genuine and honest with your audience. Always write about something you know and don’t try to be too official, just write like you speak and you’ll be fine.

And just like that we reached the end, or point B if you like. I really hope some of the tips and tricks of the “powerful 11” above will help you to create great blog post that will attract attention and satisfy your reader needs for information. Good luck!