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Information technology skills on demand in the modern workplace


In the present job market scenario, the necessary IT skills should not be left to job applicants seeking positions in the IT department. Nowadays, employers everywhere prefer tech-savvy individuals. Individuals who can keep at par with the constantly and quickly changing technology. Effectively to take up the non-tech related jobs. What that means is that strong skill sets and technology backgrounds will be needed. In order for candidates to stay competitive. In most functional areas be it in sales, marketing, administrative, creative or any other non-IT area.

Christopher Justice, Chief marketing officer (CMO) at Magnolia content management system (CMS) provider, said: “Tech skills such as basic fundamental graphic design, elaborate web publishing and software development are no longer restricted to tech-heavy job positions. They are now expected to assume a much wider spectrum of roles.”



For instance, as with other types of jobs. The growth of online publishing has meant that journalists today require coding skills to produce and publish their write stories. Likewise, marketing teams also have to create digital campaigns, use HTML and juggle design tools together with CMS.

It enables underlying trend workers to perform in exceptionally agile environments regardless of the positions. New trends and tools like mobile development, cloud, and big data increase competitiveness among candidates.

Moreover, job candidates are expected to keep at par with the rapid technology advancing pace. Candidates are expected to outperform traditionally job description creatively think outside the box.They need to learn fast, and readily use new tools.

Employers are looking for any candidate that possesses the five most sought-after tech skills.

Social Media Skills

 Social media savvy is valuable for any person, no matter his/her role. For those who want to communicate effectively in the workplace. if we are generally speaking, online communities are useful. Places where customers and prospects can engage. Share and access valuable information.


Microsoft Excel

We believe that Excel is no longer possessing well-developed technical skills just a nice little side for the job applicants. Candidates are now required to demonstrate proficiency in a spectrum of technical areas in the workplace. Currently, Microsoft Excel competency. Especially the ability to construct and use pivot tables, is among the most sought-after technical skills.

Mobile Development

I think most companies adopt various mobile capabilities to streamline industrial processes, believe it or not.  Professionals with Windows, iOS, Web-based app development and Android experience have become highly demanded. Thanks to such in-demand skill set. Candidates with mobile development specialty are usually hired within a short period like, within days.


Ability to Troubleshoot

The preference troubleshoot hiring someone who understands own technical issues is a common must-have technical skill. It clearly displays that the particular individual can critically think. Ability to do valuable research and take necessary initiative steps to find a solution to a particular underlying issue.

And in case you’re unable to solve the problem. At least you can be able to save the IT folks the headache of beginning from scratch. Since you can update them what you’ve already tried.  Many companies allow someone who can work from anywhere. Whether at the office, at a coffee shop, on a business trip or at home. So troubleshooting technical problems on your work equipment are the really important ability that you need to possess.

Some simple requests that might burden the IT department. Some of them are rather dealt with since you can solve minor technical issues on your own, which is a huge plus. It is usually useful where on is required solve common problems before they escalate especially in scenarios where one IT person is available for start-ups and small businesses.

Up-To-Date with the Latest Technology

The industry and company size are the main determinants of the set of skills employers demand. In the modern environment, Start-ups tend to adapt what is popular. The cutting edge means of work. As a consequence, great candidates are the one that is always learning.They are staying relevant and current on new trends and always learning.