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How to Get Top Results When Using Abrasive Blasting Services

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If you’re planning to book an abrasive blasting service, you want to make sure you get top results from the company you deal with. You want the best team that will provide excellent workmanship and consider all aspects that determine the outcome of the project.

Finding the right abrasive blasting and painting company depends on what you need and the services they can offer you. Read on as we share tips for getting the best results from abrasive blasting services so you can rest assured your money is well spent.

What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting is the process of removing rust, grease, paint, contaminants or any other coating from equipment or structural surfaces. Highly pressurised air or water is used to force blasting media onto the surface to remove the contaminants and grime. There are various types of blasting media and using the right one depends on the results required.

Besides removing surface contaminants and corrosion, abrasive blasting is used to:

  • Smoothen a rough surface
  • Roughen a smooth surface
  • Clean a surface in preparation for other applications
  • Give a surface a finished look

Specialised equipment and tools are necessary as well as a skilled workforce who can perform the job efficiently and professionally for the best outcome.

4 Tips for Getting Top Results from Abrasive Blasting Services

1. Work With a Company Who Knows What They’re Doing

Abrasive blasting requires skill and the know-how to get top results. If you’re looking for abrasive blasting services for large- or small-scale projects, you want to work with a company that’s experienced in the remedial construction and protective coating industry.

The company’s workforce should be qualified and certified to perform abrasive blasting no matter what kind of surface or environment they’re dealing with. Teams who have undergone specialised training can handle projects that entail:

  • Abrasive painting and blasting
  • Scaffolding access
  • Removal of toxic paints
  • Protective coating application

When working with a company that keeps up with the latest research and developments in the industry, you can rest assured you’re dealing with professionals.

2. Find Out What Type of Abrasive Blasting Services You Need

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Abrasive blasting specialists can assist you in getting the right services. They’ll inspect your premises and identify what is the best blasting media to use. This could include:

Look for a company that uses cutting-edge technology such as robotics systems to clean, strip, prepare and/or finish surfaces. Such technology allows for a more precise and efficient application with better results. On-or off-site abrasive blasting services should be available as well as transportation of large equipment or movable structures to specialised facilities.

3. Use of Environmentally Friendly Practices

A company that commits to using environmentally friendly practices gives you peace of mind you’re working with a team that cares about sustainability and the health and safety of everyone involved. When performing tasks, certified abrasive blasters should be able to identify hazardous materials and be able to remove and dispose of them according to relevant environmental legislation.

Abrasive blasting teams should be up-to-date with OHS requirements for handling toxic materials as well as using processes such as HEPA filtering for the safe handling of hazardous products. With responsible environmental practices, your property and occupants are safe at all times during abrasive blasting projects.

4. Review Projects Done by the Company

If the company’s website doesn’t provide details on the types of projects they’ve done, ask them to send you a detailed portfolio of the type of work they’ve done. This is particularly important if you’re looking for abrasive blasting experts who have handled large-scale industrial, civil or commercial infrastructure work.

Reviewing projects undertaken by the abrasive blasting team will help you identify:

  • What type of tools, equipment and techniques as well as technology was used.
  • Their skills and knowledge base.
  • What types of environments they can work in.
  • If the abrasive blasters paid attention to detail and worked with precision and expertise.
  • If they can work in tight or confined spaces.

You also want to identify if the company is equipped and skilled to handle projects in different industries such as mining, dams, rail and transport and offshore marine. A clean track record reassures you that the company takes safety and the environment seriously.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best results from abrasive blasting services is possible when you work with experts in the industry. Considering all the factors mentioned in this article as well as taking into consideration your unique needs will help you identify the right abrasive blasting team to work with. This way you can have peace of mind you’ll get the best outcome and feel proud of the final product.