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TOP 20 Productivity Apps To Keep You Organized


‘Multitasking’ and time management are very desirable in the business world. And have to be. Because with all business and private obligations we deal with on a daily basis, without good organization everything would fall into the water. But sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we just do not know where to start from all the amount of work and tasks that await us. Add to that the noisy environment in which is difficult to concentrate or overwhelming information that we receive in the ‘Inbox’ or from social networks, it is clear how easily we can lose in everything.

However, most people own a smartphone, so life can be even easier. We can use their multifunctionality to organize our own time. Different applications are offering to you write down your tasks, so that they would not be forgotten. If you already have such a device in your hand almost 24 hours a day then you will not have to forget some of the obligations. Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive or Pocket probably are already on your smartphone, but the offer is much wider. Do you feel as though you’re always racing against the clock? Is time running out? Here’s an infographic, compiled by Adecco, that presents 20 productive apps (for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac and Windows users) to keep both you and your boss organized.