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Online Logo Design Contest vs. Hiring Logo Design Companies


Since the logo, when it comes to your business or web site, is a very important thing in the branding, it should be given special attention to its design. The logo is what will people recognize and remember. So whether you are designing logo by yourself or leave it to someone who would be able to make it on professional way, we bring you some rules of logo designing:

  1. A good logo is not too colorful logo. Therefore, in the design of any professional logo should not be used more than 3 colors. Make sure your existing logo corresponds to this rule.
  2. A good logo is minimalist. In translation it means that is devoid of all unnecessary things. All that does not do anything on the logo should be deleted or never at all be there. The clarity, precision and conciseness are the characteristics that must be met.
  3. A good logo is easily readable. Text of logos must be in normal font and size sufficient to be easily read by elderly people too. So therefore, when you have completed the design make sure to test it. If you suspect that your logo is not something that will be remembered, or simply not enough about your business or enough alludes to what you might do, forget it. The logo must be recognizable.
  4. A good logo has an original form. The shape of your logo must be original. Do not use already existing forms (layouts).
  5. A good logo is not stolen. If you want unique logo, do not combine anything with existing logos that can be found on the Internet. Also do not use clipart icon, never.
  6. A good logo is for all time. Avoid any trends. Trends come and go, while only brands remain. Imagine what it would be if the Coca-Cola logo has to change because of a new trend.

We hope you found this text in some way helpful to properly orientate and think about the design of the logo, which will be your brand in the coming years. Your brand is your character, what makes you recognizable by people. Regardless of whether you opt for a logo design contest or hiring logo design company, those rules apply in both cases. Check out infographic below to help you in the decision: