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Are You Suffering From Nomophobia?


This is just another in a series of disorders in recent times that arrived hand in hand with new technologies. Today you will discover what it is nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of being in a public place without a mobile phone, and is most common in high school students. If you can not leave the house without a mobile phone, or go to the toilet without it you may suffer from nomophobia.

Science has tackled the phenomenon where millions of people around the world experiencing the classic symptoms of mental stress, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, and others only when they find themself in a situation that they do not have a mobile phone or they are in a place where it can not be used. Although it seems like a pretty pointless this can be quite a big problem, when it comes to children and teenagers do not ignore it. Maybe the problem is in the expression because phobias usually means “irrational fear” and an anxiety attack when you find yourself somewhere without a mobile phone in today’s technologically connected world is to some extent understandable feeling.

If you think you suffer from nomophobia follow these signs:

  • Can not turn off the phone.
  • Obsessive checking messages, missed calls and emails.
  • Constantly charge the battery
  • Never go to the bathroom without a mobile phone.

In a study conducted in the UK among 1000 respondents, even 66% admitted to feeling fear when in a public place without finding a mobile phone and most of them were aged 18-24, while 77% admitted that can withstand just a few minutes without smartphone, and in this case, age is a little higher, 25 to 34 years. Statistics shows that average people are viewing the phone 34 times a day, a 75 percent owner of the phone using them in the bathroom.

Experts say that if you want to feel safe and do not experience panic attacks, always carry a charger with you, but if you want to get rid of this fear completely then you should access a little more drastic measures. To begin, turn off the phone for an hour during the day while you are at home, put it in a drawer and move away. The following day repeat the same but at two hours and so on while you not fully solve the fear.

Once you get rid of the initial anxiety you will feel relief and lack of stress, you’ll even begin to enjoy the feeling of peace. Below you can check infographic which will help you find out are you a nomophobe: