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Top 10 Infographic Elements Bundles for Download


What is actually infographic? We can describe that as the visual information presentation or a graphical way to present some information. To make a good infographic you must choose text, colors and elements of your graphic and combine them into content that will present some useful information. More and more websites are using infographic as a way to present some story or information. Why? Because it looks better and visitors like it more than a plain text. But if you don’t make it right you will regret not choosing a simple text content. Infographic can be hard to make and takes a lot of practice to learn how to combine all elements into one graphical content. But what exactly are those elements? Keep reading to find out.

What are infographic elements?

Infographic elements are parts of the whole graphic content that can help you to create a visually attractive infographic. We can also call them as “workarounds” that will help you with the design part of the infographic and you can then easily focus just on the information that will be presented in that design. It can be hard to make and combine those elements into something that will actually look good but luckily there are lots of templates and vectors that give you elements that are already done and ready to be included to your project. Since there are lots of templates and vector packs in can be hard to pick the right one and find the best ones. In the next part of the article I created a list of 10 best infographic elements templates.

Top 10 list of infographic elements bundles

If you are looking for a good pack of high quality elements then search no more because my list will surely fit all your needs. Enjoy!

  1. The Big Pack of Infographic Templates


If you need to make an infographic on an easy and fast way then this template is the right for you. This collection is exactly what the name says, a really big collection of vector elements for infographics. You get different sets with each set containing over 100 elements and with the whole pack you will get over 1000 elements. You can also use those elements in other projects and not only for the infographic. This is one of the best templates out there and you won’t regret buying it. Download here.


  1. Infographic Elements v1.0


This is classy and modern set that contains a really large number of different elements like tables, icons, graphs, ribbons and lots of other stuff. All elements are vectors so you can resize them without losing quality. They are also nicely organized into groups so you will easily find whatever you need. Elements are highly customizable and you can edit text, color or shapes of them. Really nice pack. Download here.


  1. Infographic Tools Set


Infographic Tools Set is a set of business and web elements for infographic. All elements and files are made as vectors so you can rescale them to any size. With this pack you get a large number of different bundles with lots of customizable elements. If you need an infographic bundle for your business infographic then this is the right set for you. Download here.


  1. Infographic Vector Elements Bundle


This is another great bundle of infographic elements that will allow you to build infographic on an easy way and very fast. This is an awesome collection that gives you large number of elements made as fully editable vectors and you can use this bundle to create infographic for your magazine, newspaper, web or any other project you need. Great bundle for everyone. Download here.


  1. Over 200+ Infographic Elements – Bundle


This bundle of infographic elements contains, like the name says, over 200 different elements. It comes with flat style elements made as vector graphics that are read to be customized towards your needs. You also get 5 different color schemes and two different fonts that were used in creating this bundle. Very good collection with lots of elements. Download here.


  1. Infographic Tools Bundle Volume 2


This bundle is a second part of a stunning collection of popular infographic tools. With this pack you get a large number of elements that are just waiting to be used in lots of your projects. All elements you get are made as vector graphics which means you can resize them in any size you want and they will keep their original great quality. Elements are multi-purpose and can be used for large number of projects in different categories. Another great set for everyone. Download here.


  1. Big Collection of Modern Infographic Elements


Like the name says, this is a collection of modern infographic elements that will help you to create amazing modern infographics and impress everyone. This pack contains fresh and new fully customizable vector elements that allow you to create awesome graphics. You get five collections that contain lots of different elements like timelines, pie charts, styles and much more. Download here.


  1. 3 in 1 Fresh-Flat


This is a collection of three bundles of elements that will help you to create clean and modern design for your infographic. You get 12 vector files that are fully customizable and editable and two free fonts. You can change every element to make it perfect for your project and your wishes. Nice little collection. Download here.


  1. Vector Graphics Mega Collection


With this great pack you get hundreds of great elements that will help you to give some creation to your projects. For a low price you will get large amount of great vector elements that are fully customizable and can be edited to fit your project. This is a great collection for everyone who want to give an amazing graphic boost to their infographic. Absolutely worth having! Download here.


  1. Infographic Brochure Elements Bundle


Last infographic elements bundle that managed to earn its place on our list is this one. This is a huge pack of vector elements that will allow you to create your own infographic and will be great solution if you want to make brochures. You get 5 sets of elements and each one of them contains a large number of different fully customizable vector elements. Download here.