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The World’s Most Popular Websites

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Have you ever wondered which are the world’s most popular websites? You probably know some of them, like Google, Facebook or YouTube. But there are more websites for which you maybe don’t know. In infographic below you can see the overall top 10 of most popular websites in world but also divided by industry and its purpose. You will also be able to see which are the top 5 in USA and China given that these countries are economic leviathans of the world. All rankings are based on Alexa. Take a look:most popular websites

As in previous years, the ruler of the Internet is of course Google, whose monthly page visits are around 1.2 billion unique visitors. 2014 in second place was YouTube with a billion visitors per month, while the third was Facebook with 900 million visitors. However this year the numbers are different. Now Facebook is second with 164 billion unique visitors, and YouTtube has fallen to third place with 170 million unique users.

It is expected that these three sites are on the top of the list as the most popular in the world. It will probably take a lot of time to such statistics change. The only thing that could change is that these 3 sites alternate position among the top 3. Although Google will probably always be in the first place. Did you expect order like this or you were surprised? 🙂