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The science of Instagram


Instagram just entered the fifth year of his life, and is already one of the most popular social networks and applications in the world. For those people who are just now turn on the computer for the first time, it is a service for publishing photos, liking and commenting on these same photos of the known and the unknown crowd.

Instagram may be restricted to only two types of content – photos and video, but because of thet it is no less interesting social network that you can use in your business and communication mix. Moreover, it is a very flexible social network that will easily fit into any social network strategy.

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network with over 200 million active users. From simple platform became a kind of social phenomenon. Today, there are only few individuals who do not have their Instagram profile, and on instagram profiles we can see everything, really. Of the indispensable food photography, selfies, to photos that reveal the sometimes too much, and certainly they do not belong to the public network. However, Instagram has become so popular that today companies are developing business communications and networks.

Below you can check infographic called “The science of Instagram” which is based on a study of 1,494,175 photos from 538,270 users: