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The Most Expensive Keywords on Google


Keywords are selected words or phrases that describe your product or service with which you can determine when and where your ads appear. Google has many different sources of revenue, but one of their most noticeable is the ads that appear next to search results for specific keywords. How much that keyword costs depends, in part, on how often people search for it — the more people search for a certain keyword, the more expensive it is.

Choosing keywords is one of the most important elements of SEO. Without a good selection of keywords, even a website with the best content and a good position on the search results will not achieve significant traffic from search engines. The most important thing when choosing keywords is relevance. AdWords will offer a multitude of words, which you will like and some that are not very thematically related to your content, because they have a lot of searches, or less competition.

Google is a colossus of modern advertising. In the first half of 2015, the search engine colossus raked in nearly $35 billion in Q1 and Q2. According to their data tables, that’s about an 11% increase in revenue year over year. Google’s AdWords system is the company’s cash cow, which funnels billions of dollars from advertisers as search engine users click on ads for different keywords.

Do you know which are the most expensive keywords on Google AdWords? Or to rephrase the question: Who are the advertisers who are willing to pay the most per click? Check out the infographic below: