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The importance of newsletters in presenting your business


No matter what you do, the basic premise of every company is be observed in the market, attract new customers and realize higher incomes.
In the context of electronic commerce, the basic tool for this is the website.

One of the great ways to make a good customer a relationship with the costumers and attract them to your website is a communication through newsletters.
If this is so far a unknown term for you, it is a method of informing and communicating with customers through short and clear messages (intentionally emphasize short, we will explain why later) that are sent by e-mail.

Thanks to the open structure of e-mail, with a certain amount of creativity, it is possible with small investments to achieve fairly effective tool of advertising, but only with respect to a few rules.
The question that arises is obvious – how should look like newsletter is to bring new customers and help you to improve business? How actually looks a good newsletter is?

We present here three key ingredients of this recipe, or three indispensable features of this sales tool.

Clear and concise

Newsletter as a marketing form gives you a pretty free hand in the approach to the presentation of your products or services.
But free-form as they have their advantages, they also have their flaws which unfortunately is sometimes quite difficult to resist.
Many traders often in order to realize the meaning of their existence in the market (generating sales) work cardinal mistake (one that in medicine is the death of a patient) so that the virtual mailboxes of its clients deliver messages with dozens of products and crying with a loud voice, “buy, buy , buy – nowhere better deals. ”
It is clear that people do not like this approach and perceive it as spam (junk mail).

How can you different? Here’s how:

  • Write short and clear message;
  • Choose only a few products (one, two, maximum three);
  • Present products through images or specially arranged graphics;
  • Highlight the benefit that you offer (discount for each product range, free delivery, the main benefit of the product, etc..)
  • Put a link to your online store.

The thing is the quality of the presentation, not the quantity of the product you wish to sell. Did you know that people today your emails largely read on smartphone? Do not chase the endless scrolling. Try graphically nice present your products and services. Make use of multimedia as best you can.

Subtle is the best

Combined with the previous recommendation, be subtle. You are an expert and with your products or services help people with their everyday problems. Write weekly few interesting  blog reviews, and with a few sentences of description of the topic dealt with and commemorative pictorial presentation, bring users to your site. In this case, even _ your recipient has never before been on your site, they will not have anything against to inform about the problem which you write, with that while you explore what products / services your company is offering.
The important thing is to manage to attract a good presentation of information in this newsletter is crucial. Ultimately, the idea is _ to build a relationship with the costumers – if a customer newsletter will  be a useful way of information to costumers from week to week, they will recommend them to friends and acquaintances. So you will not only benefit from the existing clientele, but will get a new, without your direct cash investments. We have already pointed out several times that it pays to write quality content, especially when you’re still give effort in newsletters that of your texts drawn the most important thing and bring in new customers. If you do not know / can not make it yourself, then hire someone. The investment is almost certain you will pay off many times.

Accurate and timely

You are an expert and everything you say must be true. Any information on who is calling before the publication of the newsletter, check several times, especially if you’re part of some dynamic market where things change from month to month. Quality relationship with your clients is impossible to build without their trust, and they certainly will not believe you if they see you do not know what you mean.
Also, always be current. Write about topics that are currently problematic, and related to your business. The latter deliberately emphasize – keep its domain where the best environment and using newsletters give it clear what is your area of expertise. At the end you have to pay attention to in a newsletter always specify only fresh content – in the case of lack of better specify only one topic to present, but unnecessary reference to outdated things that most of your clients will not be interested. So there is a danger that their newsletter is is no longer interesting, and stop coming to your website – consequences that should not be overstated.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this is obvious – newsletter is is an extended arm of your website and (or) web store and try it from the beginning to look that way. There is no need to posit a full range of products on sale, or specify the content of the entire _ blog reviews.
Present information concisely, clearly and visually attractive. The whole idea is that the newsletter via e-mail constantly attract attention to their products and services, but do it so that your clients have some benefit from it. They always need to be the center of attention – their problems and your how you solve them. Newsletter should mirror those ideas.

Now that you realize the importance of the newsletter, and get an idea of how it should look exactly we strongly advising to look at creative solutions that we have selected for you.

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