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The Evolution of Social Media


Social networks are an indispensable part of modern life. Their history is a long a couple of decades, and if we take into account the emergence and development of the most popular social networks of today, then this history is long only a few years. Today social networks are available to the masses. In this article we bring you infographic about the evolution of social media.

In the world today there are several “general” social networks, most notably Facebook, but there are social networks that have a special purpose. Such is LinkedIn, which is famous for the social network aimed at business people. All of these networks have developed over the years and their capabilities and purposes have changed, and today almost all of them can publish status updates, photos, videos and the like. These networks are in a short time become an important part of the private as well as business life. Large and small companies have found that this method of promotion is very effective, so it’s hard to imagine any more serious company without a profile on one or more of the popular social network.

Unstoppable trend of growth in popularity of social networks creates an imperative for the masses (especially young people) to register on the network. Sometimes the users of these networks were mostly young people, but eldery people also has been joined on the networks, with the aim to get in touch with people they haven’t seen long time.

It is impossible to estimate in which way the growth of social networks will go, which social network will be the most popular in the future. If it was once unthinkable that Facebook pushed MySpace, so it is inconceivable that some networks today will push Facebook. However, in the case of the two aforementioned networks obviously anything is possible. Below you can check infographic which shows the evolution of social media: