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The Cost of Running a Startup Around the World


You are full of ideas and optimism, and you decide to run your startup. Everywhere in the media around you stories about how young people have their own startups and at the same time they do not come down smile off their face. Mentors are beside them, some famous entrepreneurs, and others are known consultants. The media are full of young and successful people who you simply entice you and you want to be like them.

To not become a star without coverage, it would be good to hold some tips before you start launching startup. First, explore your story (products & services). Check out who your customers are, what they are willing to pay and how you will reach them.

Make you a business plan including a clear vision and mission, products and services that you offer to the market, real sales forecasts and cost. The financial structure is crucial because you have to know where money goes, how much traffic you have and how you stand with cash flow.

Try to make a business plan for a period of three or five years. In addition, it is essential to have a marketing plan of startup. Include in the plan guerrilla marketing techniques and how you plan to use Social Media Marketing tools – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc..

Find a good accountant, ie. Accountant that will be your right hand. They hold the strings in your hands, advise and warn you when you are doing something that is illegal. It would be good to finance your startup without loan. Without the help of banks and various institutions that are very angry when you start late with loan repayment. Some have pledged their assets convinced that they are facing a revolutionary discovery, but soon became obvious that banks want their money and interest back if your idea does not develop as it should.

Be flexible and change business plan if you find that some things at some point just do not hold water. It would be good to have another source of steady income because you never know how it will end your adventure called startup. Whole life is an adventure and there’s nothing wrong with that risk and staring your own project – just be careful and stand firmly on the ground.

There are a lot of business investitors to help you, but believe only in yourself and in those who have a work experience. Startup is great thing, but many of them ends up infamously. Do not let this happen to you because you did not have a good business plan.

Below you can check infographic which shows The Cost of Running a Startup Around the World: