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Beyond The Books: Supplementary Study Tools To Boost Your DAT Prep

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DAT is an essential test for getting admission to highly-reputed dental colleges. You must search for effective tools to prepare for the test in less time. The more you practice what you learn, the quicker you can solve the questions and score high in your exam.

You can explore many online DAT study tools for learning and practicing essential dental questions that appeared in previous year exams. It will boost your preparation and prepare you for the exam in less time. There is no need to go through the detailed dental books and get bored of solving the same questions repeatedly.

Instead, you can find and use effective tools to prepare yourself for the exam in a better way. This guide will help you learn the tools to improve your preparation and exam scores. You must start practicing these tools to get better results in your upcoming exam.


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Bootcamp should be your choice if you are looking for a self-study application for DAT preparation. It is a high-tech online platform that can help you study with the correct approach. You can explore simple and user-friendly features available on this app and make study plans. Anyone can use this application with or without a technical background.

If you like this app, you can invest $500 to buy its Pro version. You will get over 50 practice tests involving over 10,000 questions in that version. One can access various tutorial videos and practice different exam sections separately. This app works on Android and Apple devices with an internet connection.

This exam has a time limit, and you must solve questions within the deadlines. You can practice different test papers and improve your speed. Unlike other live programs, it is better not to expect the course on this platform.

You need to follow the study schedule assigned to you by the application to improve your performance. The Pro version is available for 90 days, and you need to repurchase it for more practice. There are thousands of videos to explore, and you can study hard using this application. You do not need additional study material if you are using this app.

The Princeton Review

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Anyone interested in the live-instructed application for DAT preparation must use the Princeton review application. Undoubtedly, it is expensive, but it works well if you have limited time for the exam. You can choose this platform over others and expect to complete the preparation within a month.

If you are considering buying courses on this platform, you can choose any of the two available options ranging from $1200 to $1400. There is an option for private tutoring, which costs you around $160 every hour. You can take up the course as per your preparation needs and do well in your exam.

There will be live instruction sessions for 55 hours, and you can practice what you learn by solving papers. There is enough study material available on this platform. Though expensive, you will like this platform due to the live-instruction tutoring approach available in its courses. Every online platform does not give such features.


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There is another effective DAT preparation course that comes with fantastic comprehensive choices. If you subscribe to this platform, you can access many practice tests with over 3000 questions. These mock tests are suitable for determining your strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on your preparation, you will get the results. You can make further study plans according to your scores. The course provides various learning options that fit different individuals. A live class option is also available on this platform.

You can also opt for private tutoring if you require it. The price range for different courses ranges from $1000 to $500 with private tutoring. One can also consider buying the bundle for $200, which comes with access and a validity of four months.


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You can consider TopScore a high-rated and recommendable application for dental exam preparation. You can join the 12-week program, where you can access a live mentor to let you prepare thoroughly. If you require private tutoring, one can also consider it for continuous 20 hours.

For practice, you can try to solve various mock tests and improve your speed for solving many questions. Using the test simulator, you can check how much you are prepared for the final examination. You can explore multiple contents, which is helpful for your DAT preparation.

One can also subscribe to an on-demand course available for $750. Throughout your 12-week program, you can get your mentor’s assistance and the necessary help. One can consider this application to improve your performance in the test.

DAT Secrets and Destroyer

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Consider this online platform if you need little supplemental practice help for your exam. This program will offer many books and study materials for exam preparation. You will know all the secrets of clearing the test, and it will also improve your overall score.

You can buy different books separately or get a discount on combos depending on your requirement. Everything related to the test is available on this platform. You can practice by solving mock tests and trying to attempt more than 900 questions within the program.

One can also check the reviews of this platform and decide whether it is worth investing in it. The supplementary study material available on this platform will help you complete the preparations and do well in your exam.

In addition to traditional study materials, exploring supplementary study tools and adopting effective self-study techniques can greatly enhance your preparation for the DAT, particularly when it comes to subjects like mathematics.

Final Thoughts

For DAT test preparation, content from specific books is not enough. You may need more supplementary study material for better preparation. It is better to consider using special study tools to prepare better than others.

Practicing and solving several mock tests will also improve your performance; later, you can do well in your final examination. It is worth investing your time and money in these study tools.