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E-books vs Printed Books – 2024 Review


Technology has overtaken the books. There are advantages of both e-books and printed books. E-books are better for the environment because they save on paper, but with the printed books, you will not have to worry about if your it will fall out of hand, broke or scratch as you would with a e-book. Although you may prefer the convenience of the e-book, there is still something to be said for laying in bed with the traditional, printed book. In this article we will talking about e-books vs printed books.

E-books are simply more convenient than traditional books. Handheld readers are small, and you can store them away easily when traveling or on the move. Lighting on most readers seem similar to the actual book page, and if you are unhappy with the size of the text, you can resize it to better fit your eyes. Also, unlike traditional ordering books online, there will be no shipping costs to e-book readers. If you reading books online or on the hand-held reader, you will receive it almost immediately.

Book Storage

You can save a lot of e-books on one device, unlike paper books, which may require a mass amount of space. It is also convenient for students who carry backpacks which could otherwise be full with textbooks.

Book Price

For those who do not want to buy e-books for their handheld readers, there are plenty of free e-books available online. One advantage is that you can read them on any piece of technology that has Internet and web browser.

Traditional, Printed Books

Even convenient, the technology does not give that special atmosphere when you read on the digital display. Traditional books do not require the purchase of book readers, which includes giving your credit card number on the Internet. Especially for those who are not familiar with the technology, purchasing a traditional book is a lot easier.

Collector’s Edition

Signed copies, numbered editions and fine bindings are all associated with traditional books. In the age of e-books, collector’s editions and signed copies of the book can be a thing of the past.

Book Borrowing

So, you were talking to a friend about the latest book you read, and he wanted to borrow it. Lending books becomes difficult task when you have e-book reader. Traditional books enable book borrowing and lending without borrowing your reader.

So, these are just some of advantages and disadvantages of both e-books and printed books, below you can check video infographic about e-books vs printed books: