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PoE 3.17 Skeleton Mage Necromancer Build Guide

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This is a fantastic time to try the Skeleton Mage Necromancer build for the Archnemesis league as they are incredibly strong and are able to obliterate all the new bossing content. It’s a great building for farming PoE Currency.

Skeleton mages are created from the unique jewel Dead Reckoning which turns the traditional summons skeletons who are usually meleed into mages. This is useful as now they can attack from afar with their ranged spells. Skeleton mages are elemental and usually randomize which element they are each time they are summoned.

Pros and Cons

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  • Relatively cheap to get started
  • Noob friendly playstyle
  • Scales well into late end game
  • Easy going minion playstyle


  • Map mod such as no regen and elemental reflect are a no go
  • Not everyone enjoys the minion playstyle
  • Other minion builds generally do a better late game with similar investment

Gem Links

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Core Skill: Vaal Summon Skeletons, Pierce, Elemental Army, Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction and Elemental Penetration

Single Target: Raise Spectre, Increased Area of Effect, Minion Life and Animate Guardian

Aura Setup 1: Zealotry linked with Generosity

Aura Setup 2:  Determination


  • Desecrate, Bone Offering and Tempest Shield
  • Convocation
  • Elemental Weakness

Mobility: Flame Dash

Guard Setup: Molten Shell on Left Click


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Weapon: Convoking Wand with +1 to All Minion Skill Gems and Trigger Socketed Spells

Off-hand: Rare shield with Life, Life Gained on Block, and additional Chance to Block

Helm: Rare helmet with +2 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems, Life, Life per Second and bench crafted +1 to the maximum number of Raised Zombies/Skeletons

Body: Any Rare Helmet with life, elemental resistances, and Armor/Evasion

Gloves: Rare gloves with Life and Resistances

Belt: Rare Stygians Vise with Life and Resistances

Boots: Rare Boots with Increased Movement Speed, Life and Resistances


  • Rare Jade amulet with +1 to Level of all Skill Gems, Life and Cast Speed. Anointed with Death Attunement
  • Rare Amethyst Rings with Life, Attributes and Resistances


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  • Dead Reckoning rare Cobalt Jewel – Turns Skeletons melee to magic
  • Fortress Covenant rare Cobalt Jewel – Huge minion buffs
  • Minion medium Cluster Jewel with Life from Death passive


  • Panicked Eternal Life Flask of Staunching – Instant recovery on low life and Corrupted Blood/Bleeding immunity
  • Sinner’s Granite Flask of Stiffness- Solid defensive flask
  • Transgressor’s Quartz Flask of the Ibex – Phasing with Suppression
  • Brewer’s Quicksilver Flask of the Lynx – Movement speed
  • Delinquent’s Jade Flask of the Bracing– Evasion with increased armour


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  1. Mindless Aggression – Big minion buffs
  2. Unnatural Strength – +2 to all minion skill gems
  3. Commander of Darkness – Increased buffs
  4. Mistress of Sacrifice – Defensives buffs


-Major God: Soul of The Brine King: Upgraded with Atoll Map prevents the character from being Frozen.

-Minor God: Soul of Gharukan: 30% reduced effect of curses after capturing Piety the Emperyon.


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To clear maps just cast a group of skeletons into each pack as you clear. Cast elemental weakness on any rare, unique and bosses to increase damage. Quicksilver will allow you to quickly navigate through the map.

At the boss, utilise Vaal Summon Skeletons and dodge any attacks. Ensure bone offering is up at all times. Once again cast elemental weakness on the boss and keep up the uptime for optimal damage. By perfecting your rotation, you can farm Exalted Orbs even quicker than before.


As minions are not very fast during the campaign, it is recommended not to level with them as you progress through the acts. This build guide will cover how to level with minions to reduce the need for Orbs of Regrets, however, feel free to level with your favorite skills and respec after the campaign, although respeccing might require you to buy POE currency.

In act 1, prior to reaching level 8, you will use a combination of Stormblast Mine for single target damage on bosses, rares, and unique monsters. For clear, exiles can use a combination of Freezing Pulse and Frost Bomb. At level 8 the Melee Splash Support gem is unlocked which can be purchased in Lioneye’s Watch for one Orb of Transmutation. This allows us to use the Summon Skeletons skill in conjunction with Melee Splash Support and Minion Damage Support for a viable leveling solution.

Lastly at level 12, we’ll add an Absolution skill gem link that will eventually have Spell Echo Support, Minion Damage Support, and Physical to Lightning Support. Add each of these support gems as they are unlocked and as you increase the links you have available to equip. You may need to engage in some PoE trade [https://www.playerauctions.com/path-of-exile-items/] to get access to BiS gems.

Act 3 unlocks the Hatred aura skill gem that gives a fantastic damage buff for ourselves and our minions. Hopefully, at this stage Summon Skeletons in a 4-link piece of gear and added Melee Physical Damage Support. This setup will take your character all the way through the campaign and into the start of the Atlas endgame. Feel free to swap out Melee Splash Support on bosses for Multistrike Support to dramatically increase single target damage. Just be wary of bosses that spawn additional monsters to their aid.


In the current meta of this challenging league, Skeleton Mages have reigned as a crowd favorite for making quick work of the new content on a low budget. This will be a fantastic time and build for anyone who has not tried the minion playstyle out before. It has been predicted by many in the player base to be nerfed in the next challenge league due to its lack of difficulty to complete the endgame.