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Where Should You Position a Coffee Table – 2024 Guide

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Styling your living room is one of the most complicated things since it needs to be perfect. This room is the place where all the guests come in, and it needs to be designed with taste. However, even with all the other furnishings, a living room without a coffee table looks unfished, so make sure you get one.

Getting a coffee table is not as easy as purchasing the first one you see and placing it next to your sofa. The variety of shapes and sizes as well as the materials that the table is made from can be confusing enough to cause you problems.

However, by measuring your space and gathering ideas from the internet, you should not have problems picking the right table. In addition, setting your table to a correct position is just as essential. For that reason, we have made this article explain all these things to make styling easier for you.

Budget considerations

Before you begin with the coffee table pursuit, your budget needs to be considered. These tables can range from really affordable to extremely luxurious and expensive pieces. For that reason, the first step is understanding how much you can spend on such a piece of furniture.

In addition, by considering your budget you will filter out all the possibilities that do not fit with your funds. This will help you to select the option that suits you more quickly than usual. Coffee tables are not bought every day, so it is better to save a little and have more available options.

What materials do you prefer

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With a variety of material options, you should select the option that suits your place the most. For example, if you decide on a wooden table, there are different wood origins. You should consider matching the material with the other furnishings, that creates a consistency in the design which is always appreciated.

We have mentioned glass as a material option. For example, the glass table we found on www.lamaison.net.au is a good choice because the transparent/glass surface lets in more light into a room, making it seem larger.

For a sturdier option, you should be looking for massive wood tables or ones made from metal. They will surely last long and can withstand the damage from your kids and pets.

Understand your situation

Your situation is the next thing that needs to be considered. There are a lot of options that are only suitable for certain scenarios.

For example, if you have children a glass table will not be suitable since the kids can easily break it. It is not about the material costs but they can get cut which makes this option highly dangerous for your youngsters.

In addition, if you lack storage space, you should look for an ottoman or an option that has a shelf or drawers in the bottom portion of the table. Sliding cabinets are also an option since pressing them can open up a large space where you can store all your necessities.

Where should you position the table

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A correct table positioning means a lot when styling your living area. You should not obstruct your space, and the distance between the seating and tables needs to be at arm’s length. That way, people can move freely while still being able to place their beverage on top.

The table needs to be placed at least 30 to 50 centimeters from the seating area. While the distance from the tv unit needs to be more than e meter for unobstructed movement. In case you need more surfaces, you can use side tables next to your sofas.

Match the style

For a better-looking room, you need to match the style of your furniture. If you have decided to go with a minimal look, you need a smaller and simpler-looking table. If your other pieces are modern this piece should be modern too.

Besides the style of the room, you should create a story of your whole home. Every room should resemble the other, so it shows a pattern in styling. This lets the others know how well thought out your design is, and they will all admire your work.

Consider the shape

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The shape of the table is chosen up to your preference. Whether you want a circled one, or a large rectangle option, the choice is completely yours. However, each shape has different functionalities.

The circled-shape tables are better with children since the edges are rounded and any potential hits will cause less damage. In addition, they are better for smaller spaces where they leave a more open area for passing.

The rectangle shapes are better for larger rooms, especially since they usually include a storage area beneath them. They are a great option for long seating areas, so many people can easily reach their drinks and snacks.

Sizing is important

The size is another important factor when choosing your tables. It is gradual to the size of the room and the seating area. The upper surface is not the only parameter that you should look for since its height is important as well.

Usually, the table needs to be the same height as the seating. If it is lower it requires more effort to pick up or place your items which is inconvenient. However, it should not be a lot taller than the seating since it makes the room look odd.

Consider functionality features

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When looking for a coffee table, you need to explore all the functions and features it comes with. As we mentioned above, storage spaces are essential, especially in smaller rooms. For that reason, you should look for an option where you can place your stuff.

These tables usually come with a singular shelf that you can use for all the magazines and board games. However, there are options with drawers that work on a pushing mechanism since they don’t have handles and look cleaner. That way, you can store more things, and they will not be visible to your guests.

In addition, you may not always need a large coffee table. For that reason, you should consider a nesting set that you can pull out whenever you have guests coming. This will help you with keeping your room clean, and transform it up when needed.