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What Are Mirrors Made of Besides Glass?

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A mirror will beautify any interior. It has always been a welcome item in many houses and apartments. Thanks to the large selection on the market, you can visually change most of the space. For example, with the right mirror, you will visually expand the room and get an important function in the interior at the same time. Interior designers pay attention to many details during design and carefully implement the plan.

A good setting of this item will make your home bigger, more airy and more functional. You will also get a perfect decorative item that can be more impressive than an art painting or a photo on the wall. However, not everyone likes the idea of a glass mirror. Some rooms cannot accommodate typically large wall mirrors. If practicality is important to you, look for alternative mirrors.

Acrylic material

These mirrors are very safe and light, plastic mirrors. They are available in various standard dimensions and shapes. It will be very useful for you in any space. You can fasten them to a solid base with double-sided adhesive tape and you can click here to find out more about assembling. You can also see them inside the closet door, as well as in caravans, campers and other places. It is recommended to use a soft damp cloth during cleaning. Too aggressive cleaning agents and products containing abrasive particles can permanently damage the appearance of plastic mirrors. This type of mirror is intended mainly for areas such as interior decoration equipment. You will notice them equally often in the sold places. Acrylic mirrors have absolutely the same characteristics as normal acrylic. It is the same weather and chemical resistance, impact resistance as long as it looks like real glass.

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For example, an active mirror will withstand up to 16 times the impact strength of glass in the same sheet thickness. During production, some of the most difficult protective layers of the industry are used, which will protect the product from scratches during use and production. We can say that these are the most famous alternative mirrors on the market. Sometimes they are even more desirable than a glass mirror, because some situations require a safer variant or the use of an actual material. We look at it extremely flexibly, which means that you can place it in a place of high traffic and it will remain intact. Many also use it for DIY projects. It can be used for many purposes and you will not need a large amount of money for that. The item is very affordable which makes this mirror an even better alternative.

Plastic mirrors

Although acrylic is a type of plastic, not all plastic is acrylic. Therefore, you must distinguish acrylic mirror from other plastic mirrors. So, you can find different models that are made of different plastics. They are an even safer choice when it comes to very dangerous places, but they are also used for many other purposes. For example, if you want to place a mirror in your child’s room, it is recommended to use a safe material. Since children are quite careless, and especially small children who do not have a developed responsibility, glass mirrors are dangerous for them. Indeed, it only takes one accidental push, a misguided toss of a toy, or a stumble to turn a glass mirror into a hazard. The shattered pieces can scatter all over the room, posing a risk not just of cuts but of ingestion if a curious child tries to pick them up. Even the sharp edges of a chipped glass mirror can be problematic. Safety considerations are paramount, particularly in environments where boisterous play or the simple exuberance of youth is a factor. Acrylic mirrors are an innovation that addresses these concerns. Their shatterproof nature ensures that even if they fall or face a hard impact, they won’t break into dangerous shards. This design foresight offers parents and guardians peace of mind. Moreover, acrylic mirrors are lightweight, which reduces the risk of them falling due to inadequate support or anchoring. This feature also makes them easier to handle and relocate if necessary. Their flexible nature also means that they can be adapted to various room designs, including curved walls or furniture surfaces, opening up a realm of decorative possibilities. In such circumstances, you will want to use only a plastic mirror, because all parents are concerned about the safety of their children. Thanks to this option, you will not have to choose between a safe environment for your child and a beautiful interior. Glass is very fragile, but also dangerous when it breaks.

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It can cause great damage to your child in a short time, but with plastic mirrors you won’t have to worry at all. If you choose self-adhesive plastic mirrors, you will easily install them in the desired place. These materials are resistant to moisture, which is why they are desirable in the bathroom, kitchen and similar places. You can choose one of many reflective films with various tones and patterns. Best of all, these mirrors are very light and do not require massive frames. These mirrors are very cheap. The only drawback is that after cleaning it will not look as good as glass mirrors. Traditional glass mirrors will not look aesthetically pleasing, but they are a far safer alternative than everyone else.

Stainless steel

This model of mirror is very durable, but much more than that. Since stainless steel is used for all types of applications, you are familiar with its high resistance to rust. If you need a solid and durable mirror, crystal clear reflection and easy maintenance, then opt for this option. Unfortunately, it will not last forever. After noticing dark stains, you know that the glass was exposed to salt and began to break down. Fortunately, you can prevent this situation. Just polish your mirror regularly. If you have not had experience in this, just hire a company that will improve the appearance of the mirror surface, remove cracks and make your mirror look like it was just bought. However, if you maintain the mirror properly, it can take years. This material is much stronger than acrylic, but it is also a more expensive option.

Polycarbonate mirrors

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The surface of this board is popular due to its extreme durability and resistance to difficult conditions. If we compare a glass mirror and a polycarbonate mirror, the second option will save you a lot of time, money and reduce the risk of injuries. It is a very high quality alternative that is considered almost unbreakable. This gives it an advantage over glass, which is why it is used in schools, subways, bus shelters and similar places. It is also heat resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

It can withstand even a few hours in such conditions without distortion, breakage or heat absorption. The glass mirror cannot withstand any of the above and absorb heat. Therefore, polycarbonate glass has a longer lifespan. Glass is a poor insulator and therefore is not used in the construction of greenhouses. Polycarbonate glass will maximize light and reduce the amount of heat that comes out. This is just another advantage in the series. The material is very light which means it is easy to install.


Continuous technological development contributes to the emergence of new materials that are suitable for the replacement of mirrors in the usual sense and for the implementation of design solutions. An example of a modern polymer mirror can be called acrylic, polyester, etc. They are equally used for the interior of residential and business premises, decorating exhibition halls, shops, bars and other places.