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Posing For Wedding Photos: Make Better Photos With These 10 Tips

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If you’re the one in charge of planning the photography for your wedding, you’ll want to ensure that your photographs look just right. Of course, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make, including what style of photography you’d like to use and where to shoot the photo. Still, you can also make small tweaks to how the photos are shot on the day itself, resulting in more beautiful images for you and your significant other to enjoy forever.

With these 10 tips on posing for wedding photos, you’ll be sure to nail it when the big day comes around!

1. Neutralize Any Tension

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If you have an unsteady hand, you’re not a natural photographer or are feeling nervous about taking photos; it’s easy to produce unappealing pictures. To make sure your photos come out sharp and clear—and that your subjects look great—try holding your breath while snapping away.

This trick works especially well when you want a candid look; remember that if someone notices you doing it, they might think something is wrong. Just take deep breaths as needed before shooting each shot. Also, try to move around slightly as you snap your photos so that even though you’re holding still, there will be some natural movement in each frame.

2. Don’t Try To Force Your Personality Into The Photos

There is such a thing as trying too hard when posing. Some people try to be funny or cute in wedding photos, but they look stiff or silly instead.

Your best bet is to look natural and relaxed. If you aren’t naturally smiling, don’t force yourself into a grin—smile when it feels right. And if your smile isn’t genuine? Forcing a smile can make you look much more uncomfortable than simply being stoic and grimacing at an awkward angle.

3. Look Directly At The Camera

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When you’re posing for photos at a wedding or any other event, it’s important to look directly at your photographer and camera—not just vaguely in their direction. This helps ensure that you’re having your photos taken as much as possible, but if you have trouble remembering to do so (and who doesn’t?), try placing your hand on top of theirs so that they can guide you where to look. With the help of Chicago wedding photographer like bozenavoytko.com, you can get the best couple photos.

4. Let The Couple Interact Naturally

It would help if you directed where and how your couple would pose. But it’s also important to let them interact naturally. Your couple is there because they love each other, so show that love off in your photos!

When taking pictures of just a bride and groom together, allow them time to interact in their way rather than making them pose immediately. Chances are they’ll develop cute poses on their own, which can make for some of your best shots.

5. Keep Your Body Language Open

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A couple standing in a very closed position makes it difficult to snap candid photos. So, keep your body language open when you’re posing for wedding photos.

For example, stand with both feet facing forward and pointing straight ahead. If you can, bring one foot slightly in front of the other, giving you more freedom of movement and enabling you to stand naturally without being rigid or too stiff.

6. Take Long Breaks In Between Shots

One of the best things you can do as a wedding photographer is to take a break. Whether it’s five minutes or 15, stepping away from your camera will recharge your creativity and allow you to return to shooting fully focused.

Plus, it’s easy to miss that perfect shot when things get hectic at a wedding. But, when you catch your breath between takes, it makes more time for chance encounters and those serendipitous moments that make weddings so memorable. Remember when Jennifer Lopez kissed Ben Affleck during their wedding? It wasn’t part of J-Lo’s official wedding photos, but it was an amazing moment!

7. Try New Poses (And Don’t Get Discouraged!)

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It’s important to bring more than a few poses to your shoot. Keep in mind that sometimes couples want different styles of photos—and it’s OK if you don’t think one pose will fit all. It can be fun to experiment and try new poses but don’t get discouraged if you need to keep it simple.

The most important thing is that you make sure you feel comfortable! Ask your clients what they have in mind or reference photos they like on Pinterest or Instagram when in doubt. As long as everyone is having fun, your photos will be great!

8. Focus On Lighting First, Then Focus On Posing

First, start by setting up lighting. If you’re going to be inside your venue, turn off all their lights and look around. Which parts of your venue have gorgeous natural light streaming in? Try taking photos there.

For example, if your ceremony will be on a patio or lawn under trees, take some test shots before walking down that aisle, so you know exactly what to do in terms of posing. Then, after you’ve nailed down where and how you want to pose people, it’s time to focus on their faces—and how they can best smile their way into wedding-day history.

9. Look Out For Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Photos

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If you’re doing something that could be causing a bad photo—an awkward stance or an unnatural smile—then your photographer is likely to try and get you to stop doing it.

But if you don’t even know what you look like in bad wedding photos, then how will you know how to avoid them? First, study your photos after taking them, and see what makes you look unflattering. Then, use those as examples of what not to do in front of a camera.

10. Express Yourself Through Movement (Not Words!)

When taking photos of your friends and family at a wedding, it’s important to keep things fun and light. Try not to focus on getting great shots or remembering details about who was there; instead, embrace the moment and take lots of candids. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! When your guests are having a blast, they look their best—and so do you.


A wedding day can be an exciting yet hectic experience as the bride and groom are busy taking care of last-minute details and greeting friends and family as they arrive. Unfortunately, this might leave you with little time to prepare yourself to get great photos taken on your big day. Luckily, with expert posing tips, you can put your best face forward in your wedding photos!