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A Glance at the Advantages of Portable Toilet Hire

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When it comes to hosting a gathering of people, whether small or large, the provision of toilet facilities for your guests to relieve themselves is one crucial factor you can not afford to overlook.

Everyone has to use the bathroom at some point and securing portable toilets for your guests is what ensures that your event or gathering runs smoothly. Below are some of the advantages of portable toilet hire.

They Are Convenient

While your home’s toilets may be adequate for your and your family’s needs, the demand for its use significantly increases when you have people over for either a party, an overnight stay or a big event. As a good host, you will need to find a way to cater to this increased demand. Portable toilets provide a way for guests to conveniently use the bathroom at your event.

Limits Waiting Time

The last thing you want is for your guests to miss out on your event because they were stuck waiting in line for the bathroom. Hiring portable toilets helps you to cut down on bathroom waiting time, so guests can actually enjoy your event.

Easy Set-up and Clean Up

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With portable toilets, you don’t have to worry about the set-up and clean-up before and after your event. All you need to do is hire a reputable portable toilet rental service like Blue Box Hire, sit back and let them do everything from set-up to maintenance and clean-up.

Opens up Your Venue Options

There is no need to consider changing your event’s location due to toilets not being enough. If the location that you would love to use for your event doesn’t have enough toilet facilities, portable toilets are the solution. They offer you the chance of picking the venue you love, regardless of whether it has enough toilet facilities or not.

Portable Toilets are Cost-Effective

Compared to the alternative of building new toilet blocks or compromising on guest comfort, portable toilets are a very cost-effective option. Depending on the size and nature of your event, the cost of hiring portable toilets may vary. We recommend that you get and compare estimates from different portable toilet rentals before making your choice.

There are Many Options to Choose From

There are several portable toilet options that suit different events and people. For example, basic and rolling potties can be used for construction crews and carnivals.

Luxury portable toilets or restroom trailers that come equipped with sinks, mirrors, lighting, flooring, paper towels, soap dispensers, and even sanitizer dispensers are also available for weddings, charity events, and corporate events. For guests with special needs, and disabled, unisex and warm-water toilets are also available.

They are Safe and Sanitary

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Most modern portable toilets (portable chemical toilets) utilize the latest sanitation technologies to keep things clean and sanitary. For example, with portable chemical toilets, waste is secured in leak-proof tanks to keep the smell away from your guests. These tanks contain safe chemicals that break down the waste. With these storage tanks, you won’t need to worry about leaks, drainage outlets, or water supplies.

Reputable portable toilet rental companies also offer routine cleaning services (weekly or bi-weekly) for long-term rentals.


We all need to do our part to cater to the environment and portable toilets are great in terms of water conservation. Compared to traditional toilets, they are also energy saving and they provide a way to safely dispose of human waste, all of which are great for the environment.


Guest comfort is a crucial part of planning for an event. Portable toilets provide a quick and cost-effective toilet solution for any event. They also offer the advantage of being convenient, sanitary, environmentally friendly, and easy to set up and clean up.

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