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People Based Advertising on The Rise in North America

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People-Based Advertising on The Rise

Technology is not one of biggest shifts in the landscape of modern marketing, but more mental. Not long time ago, the biggest goal was to reach as much people as you can with your message, and it was largely fueled through various social networks. Now the focus is connecting with the right people at the right time. This change is making people rethink their future approach when it comes to refining their messages for certain audiences. This type of marketing really makes sense because you can increase response and also save money if you target those people that are especially interested in service, product or offer you provide. Many people are using smartphone for doing social tasks then tablet to respond to people and finally laptop for their work. This is big advertisers problem. It can be very hard to identify and connect with your customers depending on what device of those 3 they’re using. That is why marketing based on people is very important.

It’s much easier then trying to connect all the dots from browser cookies. It’s true that many users are not using the same email address across their business or social platforms.  A recent study showed that out of 358 marketers from Australia, a big 75% of them are actually familiar with this type of marketing. Advertisers are investing more and more money toward targeted marketing and advertising through digital landscape thus getting big returns spent on ads. Marketers who are quick to embrace digital advertising are in best place of achieving good customer engagement and making out most profit out of their budgets for ads. The other study which polled 350 senior marketers from North America found out that most of them are embracing these type of tactics when it comes to advertising.

2 years from today, it is estimated that only digital advertising will reach almost $33 billion in America alone.  North Americans are really hungry for offers that are possible with real time media and the idea of advertising based on people is the solution they prefer. In North America almost third out of all senior advertisers are familiar with the concept of people based targeting and almost 40% of them said they pretty much now what that is. In addition to this, 21% advertisers said that they have heard of addressable media and people based targeting but are not really sure of its concepts, and 10% of them said they are not quite familiar with it at all. If you wonder on what clients in North America are using people based advertising they said most of them are using for branding and 31% of senior media buyers for loyalty of their customers.

Cookie measurement is no longer a thing and we are gonna look at it in a way that we are looking now on that 1992 personal computer. It is outdated and the better alternative to it is campaign measuring. This is the future, especially in a world where mobile is the leading platform.