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Nailed It: A Simple Guide to Easy Nail Art Tutorials You Can Do at Home (2024)

Today, hair care, natural eyelash care, and at-home waxing are among the various cosmetic routines that women typically adhere to, and most recently, DIY nail painting has emerged as a defining fashion trend.

It is a creative and entertaining way to express yourself and add personality to your appearance. But, obtaining professional nail art may be expensive, and not everyone can afford salon manicures.

In this circumstance, homemade nail art is beneficial. You can create beautiful designs at home with a few simple tools and some imagination.

This article will cover some simple nail art ideas that you can try for yourself. DIY manicure is simple; all you need is freestyle!

Items you’ll need

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Before we begin, let’s review the supplies you’ll need for DIY nail art:

  • A base layer helps improve the adhesion and longevity of your nail polish. A top coat will protect and enhance the gloss of your nail art.
  • Nail polish: For the bulk of the designs we’ll explore, at least two colors will be required. Ensure that the polish is of excellent quality and has a smooth finish.
  • A dotting tool is required to create dots and other little designs. If you lack a dotting tool, you can substitute a toothpick or bobby pin.
  • Use this striping tape to create straight lines and other designs.
  • Remover for nail polish: You’ll need this to correct any mistakes you make.

If you lack confidence in your abilities to create nail art, nail stickers are an excellent alternative.

They are easy to apply and come in a variety of styles recommended by professional nail salon artists at the website Maby.us:

Now that you have your ingredients, let’s get started with some simple DIY nail art ideas!

1. Polka Dots

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The timeless and easy design of polka dots can be created by anyone. Here’s how:

  1. You should apply a base coat to your nails. Pick two hues of nail polish. For the base and the dots, we recommend a lighter hue.
  2. After the base coat has dried, create dots by dipping the dotting tool into a deeper color. You may create as many or as few dots as you desire.
  3. Apply a topcoat when the dots have completely dried.

2. Stripes

Stripes are another classic pattern that is simple to create with striping tape. Here’s how:

  1. Coat the nail’s base.
  2. After the base coat has dried, apply striping tape to your nails in the chosen design.
  3. Apply a different shade of nail paint over the tape.
  4. After the second coat of paint has dried, carefully remove the tape to show the stripes.
  5. Apply a finishing coat to protect the artwork.

3. Ombre

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Ombre is a gradient effect that looks wonderful on nails. How to achieve this outcome is as follows:

  1. Coat the nail’s base.
  2. Choose two nail polish shades that complement one another. We recommend employing both a lighter and a darker hue.
  3. Fill in the nail’s lower section with the lighter color.
  4. Apply the darker color to the upper half of your nails.
  5. With a cosmetic sponge, blend the two colors in the middle.
  6. Before applying a topcoat, the polish must be totally dry.

4. Floral Design

Spring and summer are the optimum seasons for floral motifs. Here’s how to create a fundamental floral arrangement:

  1. Coat the nail’s base.
  2. Pick two shades of nail polish. We recommend lighter and darker tones for the base and flowers, respectively.
  3. After the base coat has dried, use the dotting tool to create tiny dots in a circle to form the flower’s center.
  4. After that, use the dotting tool to paint petals around the center dot. You have complete control over the number of petals you make.
  5. To add little finishing touches, such as dots or lines, to the flowers, use a toothpick or small brush.
  6. Add a top coat to protect the design after allowing the polish to dry completely.

5. French Manicure

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The French manicure is a timeless style that never goes out of style. Here’s how to modify it:

  1. Coat the nail’s base.
  2. Pick two shades of nail polish. We recommend a neutral or light pink for the base and a deeper color for the tips.
  3. After the base coat has dried, use striping tape to draw a straight line over your nails, leaving the tips bare.
  4. Apply the darker hue to the tips of your nails.
  5. After the second color has dried, carefully remove the tape to expose the straight line.
  6. Apply a protective finish to the artwork.


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Mr. Kyle Khoan, the founder of Maby, has stated that making nails is not difficult provided one is tenacious and innovative in the same manner as Maby operates in the nail market.

If you put in the time and effort, you will be able to develop a number of designs and styles to fit your preferences.

Always use high-quality nail polish and tools, and allow your nails to fully dry between each stage. You can quickly create gorgeous nail art using these tactics and suggestions.