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2020 Mobile App Development Trends

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Mobile App Development Trends

Can people in today’s world even imagine a day without their phones? Probably not. Our smartphones has become one of most important accessories in life, and people usually don’t forget to bring it with them. With new apps created constantly it’s becoming more then just a mobile device. There are apps for anything you wish for be it for ordering food, hiring cab, watching TV shows and much, much more. Mobile application industry is growing all the time. Profit earnings from applications are estimated to grow to almost $77 billion dollars in year 2017. There were many changes in how people are using apps. So if you plan to create app and place it on market it’s important to know what are the latest trends in mobile industry so you can stand out from competition and be ahead of them.

Did you knew that almost 80% of mobile owners are using their apps on phone every day and at least 26 days each month. 42% of sales on mobile market are done by people buying apps from leading 500 merchants on app market. So when you look at these numbers it’s not difficult to see how important future of mobile apps will be. 2024 will surely bring new innovations and promises when it comes to mobile apps. Every app creator will be faced for need of thinking outside the box. Technology is advancing super fast and development of apps is facing huge transformation. I think cloud technology will be very important development in year 2024. According to researches, almost 8% of people are uploading their sensitive information and data to cloud. People are using many devices and not just smartphone, so they can access their data on cloud from computers, tablets, phones and other devices.

One of the priorities of app developers needs to be security. One year ago test showed that more then 75% of mobile apps have failed to pass security testings. Developers really need to think about this and understand it seriously in 2024. You can’t forget and ignore glitches of security if you want your apps to run successfully and smoothly. At the end of 2024 it’s estimated that more then 50% of global companies are going to store their data in public clouds. Popular companies are trying hard to push their applications for driving bigger potential on app market. They are creating almost quadruple number of apps in 2024 and spending much money so they can improve their business.


We can’t forget smart watches, many apps are created especially for these devices. Not just smart watches but many of other wearable gadgets. By end of year 2024only selling of Apple Watches will hit almost 10 thousands. Many app makers have come to conclusion that methods used before to create apps would not have too much effect when creating now for mobile devices. It varies from audience you are targeting and for which brand it is. It’s very important to focus on content driven applications as it’s vital that businesses start adopting this. Besides this, many other mobile app trends are going to emerge from this year and on, mobile gaming to big business applications.