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Massage Gun for Shin Splints – 2024 Guide

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“Shin splints” is a common problem experienced by athletes, sportsmen, and common people at some point in their life. All the intense workouts including box jumps, jump roping, sprints, and burpees lead to shin splints. Click Here

It is not easy to pinpoint what exactly causes shin splints but it occurs due to several reasons such as muscular imbalance, muscular overload, inflexibility, and other reasons. The pain becomes frustrating and annoying when you are prevented from doing physical activities.

Over time, the shin and calf muscles hurt so bad that you are unable to do normal routine work. Interestingly, many people don’t know how to get rid of such pain and they have to live with shin splints all their life. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of shin splints such as massage therapy and many latest devices that help calm muscle pain.

Massage Gun for Shin Splints

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Massage gun is an ideal massager for athletes, sportspeople, and common people. It gives a massage like professional therapists and this penetrates like deep tissue. You can also adjust the speed of massage with different levels of speed adjustments. The latest guns are excellent not only for shin splints but whole-body massage. They work with brushless motors that are silent in operation. Now you can relax the tight and inflamed muscles with 30 seconds of deep tissue. You can increase the local circulation by targeting the exact area of the problem.

The good thing about guns is that with the help of repetitive stress on the shin bone you can reduce inflammation and decrease the pain in less than a few minutes. Our body has thousands of muscles and nerve endings that need stimulation and when the blood flow increases these muscles become relaxed. Now you can relax all the muscles and increase circulation within a few minutes with the help of repeated motion provided by this massage gun.

This kind of  gun uses an Ultra high-quality lithium-ion battery that lasts for at least 5 hours with constant use so you can take this product anywhere you want. You can make use of the pro attachments that come with a gun such as a standard ball, fork, dampener, and bullet to target the specific areas of the body such as the back, spine, feet, knots, and other sensitive areas.

Regular Stretching:

Stretching should be made a regular habit to stay flexible. If you want to control your shin splints then you have to do regular stretching. Stretching is a very good exercise for the body and if you want to keep your body flexible then you should do regular stretching.

Massage Therapy for Shin Splints

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With the help of proven massage therapies, you can target the shin splint muscles to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation. The Shin splints massage not only reduces the inflammation but also speeds up the healing time. There are a few massage techniques that help you do self-massage at home. With the help of these techniques, you can manage the stress on your lower leg bones and Shin splints to prevent pain and inflammation in the connective tissues.

With shin splints techniques, you will be able to release the tightness of the muscles and increase the blood flow in the specific area of the body. Here, I would like to mention a few massage techniques for shin splints that will not only improve the healing but also make your body pain free. If you are unable to do these techniques yourself then you can take the help of a trained massage therapist.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue is an excellent therapy where a therapist releases the soft tissues to release the muscle knots. You have to look at the specific muscles near your Shin splint and find the pressure points to ease the pain. However, some people may not find the deep tissue comfortable because the therapist puts pressure on the leg muscles so you have to let your therapist know that you don’t put too much pressure. You can also do deep tissue with the help of rolling sticks or foam rollers.

Trigger Point Massage

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The trigger point massage focuses on putting pressure on the trigger points in the body to relieve all kinds of stress and tension. Although, it can be a difficult job to find the exact trigger point that is causing the pain, the therapist puts pressure on different spots of the body to help you find the relief. This therapy can be used the same as deep tissue where you have to focus on hard-to-reach areas on the leg and find the trigger points to release the stress.

The Cold Massage Therapy

Cold massage is another way to treat Shin splints because it causes vasoconstriction, the tightening of blood vessels, and reducing the flow of blood. The cold message is best for those who suffered a recent injury in their lower leg. The Tightened blood vessels reduce muscle spasm and inflammation by disrupting the nerves signal. You must have heard from your doctor that instant icing immediately after an injury reduces inflammation so cold works in the same way to treat shin splints.

How often you should do the massage

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A massage is one of the safest and effective options for shin splints. You can do the Shin splints with the basic tools at your home or you can also take help from the therapist. You have to do all the efforts to focus on the Shin splints muscles causing leg pain. You should do the massage regularly if you specifically want to work on the muscle fibers because doing this will reduce muscle pain and tightness within a few days. You should combine massage with medicines including painkillers to ease the pain. The therapy along with medicines and rest works best for those who want to recover within a few weeks.