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11 Quick Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Small Business – 2024 Guide

Growing your small business in the year 2024, no matter how exciting it may seem, is one heck of a challenge. During this era of the coronavirus pandemic, one has to stay motivated despite the ups and downs continually. According to marketing experts from assignmentgeek.com, the main issue that comes in the way of the fresh entrepreneur is of low budget. One has to stick with their initial strategy of a start-up with the limited budget side by attracting customers, reviewing their marketing policies, and generating revenues. If you want to get quick marketing help to boost your small business visit here.

Statistically, it has been proven that 39% of business owners have agreed that a low budget is a significant setback in the way of growing small businesses. To successfully face all the challenges and difficulties, here are 11 high yielding, low-cost, and quick marketing hacks that will help you grow your small business during the pandemic.

1. Use social media for an advertisement

Source: The Conversation

The current pandemic situation calls for an alternative method of publicizing your small business. And the remedy lies in social media. One can simply create a business page on Facebook or an account on Instagram about their small start-up and ask friends and family to follow. The more followers you have, the more likely it is for your business to gain popularity and attract customers.

2. Prioritize content marketing

Source: Blog – Aspiration Marketing

One of the most valuable strategies for growing a small business is content marketing. It generates more leads and is a lot cheaper. Create an online blog using low competition and trending keywords that will represent your small business as reliable and expert in the market. Online blogs are a great way to attract massive traffic on your website, leading to more conversions. The benefit of a blog is that it will educate people about what you have to offer and quality information about your brand. They prove to help build credibility among your valued customers.

3. Online reviews

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Make sure you ask your happy shoppers to leave an honest online review on your homepage and keep them on the top quotes and recommendations. Online reviews help in building brand reliance and credibility. The more stars you have on your products, the more people are encouraged to make a purchase.

4. Request feedback and suggestions

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Ask your valued customers about their experience making a purchase from your brand and what they like or dislike about your product. The reviews from the customers are a sure way of any brand to grow further and in boosting sales. One can simply use pop-ups to request for buyer’s comments once they have made the purchase.

5. Offer coupons

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Buyers usually don’t miss out on exciting deals. Offer discount coupons to your customers so that they can be attracted to making the purchase. The world’s most prestigious businesses have even used this technique, and it helps to boost conversions. One can use popup creator tools that create high class customized popups. These popups pop up on the buyer’s screen, who is about to leave the website, thus tempted to make the purchase.

6. Create a mobile application

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Creating an app about your brand makes it easy for the customers to access your products. It also gives your business a competitive edge over other businesses. Some investment is required here, but once you have had an app built with advanced capabilities, your business is on the go.

7. Make direct phone calls for selling your product

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Although this method seems conventional and outdated, talking about your products directly to your customers is a great way to know the goods and bad about your product and getting honest reviews from the customers. You don’t have to make your customers uncomfortable so opt for existing customers and not potential customers.

8. Go live

Source: Socialbakers

My favorite hack to publicize your small business is to go live about it. Start a video call at a set time and ask your valued customers to join. You can do this by sending them newsletters on their email ids. Answer their queries about your product and give them all the information they need either by showing your product directly or by talking about them. This method is yet another way of building great mutual trust.

9. Return and exchange policies

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Another efficient way to make your business popular among customers is to work on return and exchange policies. Let your customers know that they can return or exchange the product they have purchased and don’t like, or in the case of clothing, the size doesn’t fit. This policy will tempt many customers who have trust issues on new businesses.

10. Make use of deep analytics

Source: District Data Labs

This hack is at the heart of your business. You must keep data and analytics to maintain a thorough and complete insight into the outcomes of your small business. Measured data is a great way to cut off unnecessary extra expenses and identifying the areas that need improvement.

11. Keep experimenting

Source: Lifehack

With a limited budget, this hack doesn’t seem to be much of a use. But trust me, it is through experiences that new doors for great opportunities and growth opens so that one attracts more customers. Failures and losses are nothing to be afraid of.

These hacks are all about finding new shortcuts to grow your small business and attract new customers. However, these are not hard and fast rules. For a small business to succeed, you must try new innovative ideas every now and then, and these hacks are just a way to get started.