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Things to Know About Logging Truck Accidents in Georgia

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The importance of using vehicles in the modern world is difficult to pinpoint but we can safely say that the society as we know it would not be possible without cars and trucks. Ever since the wheel has been invented, people have relied more and more on their transportation means as they grew more and more dependent on it. For various reasons, from pleasure and business to bettering the very civilization, vehicles have gone through countless advancements and developments. Now, in 2024, the world cannot function without them. Still though, one thing has not yet been solved nowhere near the satisfactory limits and those would be accidents.

Accidents are still happening every day and the lives lost around the world measure in well over a million. Particularly problematic are truck accidents because of the sheer size and destructive power of larger vehicles like trucks are. The more specialized and cumbersome the vehicle, the greater the damage and the likelihood of death. With this in mind we are talking about the most important things to know about truck accidents, especially those involving logging trucks. In Georgia alone, they are very problematic so in this article we focus on this state. Read on to learn more.

Georgia and Logging Truck Accidents

Auto accidents are a leading cause of injury and death among Americans as it is hardly a problem in this state alone. Just in 2019, more than 36,000 people died in auto accidents, and another 2.5 million suffered injuries that range from bruises and cuts to serious and life-threatening. For a state with a population of just above 10 million, that is very concerning. The breakdown of vehicles involved and situations that lead to auto accidents are not always readily apparent. But what we do know is that all types of vehicles are involved in accidents.

One of the types of truck accident that is not commonly discussed is logging truck accidents. Logging trucks are common sight on suburban and more rural roads across the state Georgia. These trucks are large and heavy, and they carry extreme loads that are dangerous to load in and out, let alone transport at high speeds across motorways and highways. Like other truck accidents, a logging truck accident can be particularly dangerous due to the size and weight of the truck. Add to that the potential for logs to roll off uncontrollably and become road hazards, and these accidents are quite frightening. Nothing becomes a horror movie trope without good reason and logs rolling around the rode and causing chaos is nothing short of horrific.

Accident Prevention

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One of the absolute best ways to prevent accidents is to understand what factors cause them and how to be safe when driving near certain types of vehicles. Logging trucks are without a question an uneasy sight on a road regardless of how experienced you are a driver and how safely you behave in traffic. You have to know what can go wrong and how to react. Below is helpful information from The Embry Law Firm, a Georgia truck accident lawyer, so that you have all the knowledge and information on your side whenever you try to overtake or simply drive past a logging truck.

Causes of Logging Truck Accidents

Some of the more common causes of logging truck accidents in Georgia include:

  • Driver Error: Driver error includes actions like speeding, distracted driving, unsafe passing, tailgating, or not properly using turn signals. These can easily be avoided if the drivers pay more attention and show more diligence on the road.
  • Unsecured Loads: Logging trucks can carry up to 15 tons on wood on their trailers, an astonishing amount of load that is speeding down the road. That is more than enough weight to crush a smaller vehicle and cause massive damage to surrounding areas. If the load is not properly secured, the straps can come loose, causing the logs to roll off the side or back. For this reason alone, you should clear enough distance behind the logging truck and spend as little time as possible near it.
  • Overloading: There are weight limits for logging trucks, but unfortunately, they often get overloaded due to the lack of care and budget savings. Another danger when overloading is that Georgia law does not have length requirements for logs, meaning that the logs can hang up to 20 feet behind the back, off the trailer. Overloading and long logs create a hazard when turning or driving on curvy roads. It is difficult to estimate where the trailer ends and how long the whole thing is.
  • Poor Maintenance: Trucking companies and truck drivers are required to maintain their trucks and trailers in good working order. Failure to do so can cause malfunctions that are dangerous and create hazardous conditions. Trucks must be maintained inside and out to avoid potentially preventable accidents, saving lives in the process.
  • Inadequate Training: Logging truck drivers are required in Georgia to have a commercial driver’s license. Unfortunately, Georgia law is lax when it comes to other requirements to ensure safe drivers. Georgia does not require a background check, road test, nor a literacy test. Unfortunately, that means there are a lot of logging truck drivers who are underqualified and lack proper training. This spells disaster and accident are just waiting to happen.

How to Avoid a Logging Truck Accident?

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Logging truck accidents often result in serious injuries or deaths. That is why it is so important to take steps to avoid an accident from ever occurring in the first place. Some of the best ways that drivers can avoid an accident with a log truck include the following:

  • Always obey the rules of the road
  • Avoid distractions while driving
  • Keep your focus on the road at all times
  • Allow plenty of space between you and larger vehicles like logging trucks
  • When passing, allow enough space between you and the truck for quick braking
  • Do not attempt to pass a log truck unless you are certain the road ahead is clear of any oncoming traffic

Ultimately, we all can do our part to prevent or avoid auto accidents by driving safely and following the law. It matters little if a log truck is involved or any other vehicle, a pedestrian even. Following the traffic laws rules is important because they are there to keep everyone safe.

What to do After a Truck Accident

Logging truck accidents are just one type of accident that occur on Georgia roadways. These accidents are caused by many of the same factors that cause other types of accident. And unfortunately, they are equally as devastating. If you or someone you love has been injured in a logging truck accident, you may find it helpful to get professional legal support. As soon as you are cleared to leave the scene, provided you do not need emergency medical attention, get in touch with a traffic accident lawyer, preferably one who specializes in truck accidents.